NYC Food Film Festival: Brad Farmerie’s Southeast Street Food Asian Market

I’m putting my Parisian vacation experience on pause for now, to bring us back to NYC in a more current time setting.

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Scenes from different rooms

On Thursday, June 24th, I attended the 4th Annual NYC Food Film Festival: Brad Farmerie’s Southeast Street Food Asian Market at the Astor Center. It’s an food event featuring dishes based on the evening’s theme from NYC-based Asian restaurants Double Crown, Betel, and Kampuchea, Public and an unknown Brooklyn restaurant, Mrs. Kim’s. Signature dishes for this particular evening were: Public’s Pig’s Blood Popsicle, Double Crown’s Tendon Meatballs and Dessert Burrito, Mrs. Kim’s Squid Chip Fry & Tasting, Betel’s Popiah, and Kampuchea’s Ginger Balls Numpang Sliders. There were many other dishes served so one cannot be hungry at the end of the night.

Pig's Blood Popsicle Tendon meatballs
Double Crown's Dessert Burritos Betel's Popiah
Kampuchea's Ginger Ball Numpang Slider
Signature dishes of the evening

It’s a fun evening of foodies and food short film lovers.

For more photos of this particular event, please see my Flickr photo set CLICK HERE.

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  1. Nicholas says:

    The pig’s blood cake looks like a chocolate popsicle, that’d be an awful mistake if you were expecting to bite into ice cream :). All the food looks so much fancier than their normal counterparts that I’d almost feel bad eating it!

  2. nyBee says:

    Hi Tina, I love your blog:-) I was wondering if you can recommend some places for rest. week. My two friends and i have never done rw but wanted to try this summer for dinner. i don’t eat red meat so any place with seafood choices would be great. thanks!

  3. Nicholas: It does and it almost does taste like a hot (as in temperature) spicy chocolate popsicle. True, it is fancier than their normal counterparts but I have no issue to eat them if I’m HUNGRY. :)

    nyBee: Hi! Thanks for loving my blog. Um, I’ll email you since this isn’t related to this post (please refer to my comment policy). I’ll write a RW suggestion post later on this week.

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