Blackberry Chocolate Bomba Cake

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope you all haven’t partied too hard on New Year’s Eve…

To ring in the New Year, I wanted to make (not much baking involved in this particular cake) a showstopping cake. Since my GREs are done I had time to kill and might as well do something ambitious than the typical layer cake.

Rose's Heavenly Cakes
Rose’s Heavenly Cakes

Flipping through Rose’s Heavenly Cakes (photo above), I picked out this recipe named “Zach’s La Bomba.” Why? Because it has chocolate, there’s some complicated (not very but doable for the experienced baker) techniques and it’s hemisphere shaped. I haven’t done the latter for the past several years and I might as well dust off (technically, wash) my hemisphere molds.

What this cake basically comprised of are two thin layers of flourless chocolate cake, blackberry chocolate mousse, glazed with chocolate. Sounds easy but it was time consuming (for me, at least). There’s quite a bit of work for the mousse (steeping the tea, puréeing the blackberries, make a sabayon) and waiting for the darn cake to set since you’re practically eating an ice cream cake (the type I like; more ice cream with a smidge of cake).

Zach's La Bomba InnardsPlated Zach's La Bomba
Left to right: Finished cake, innards, and plated slice

All of the toil and waiting was worth it. This was the best cake I ever made and the recipe worked. The cake was orgasmic and I can’t stop eating it. (My mom her third helping last night.). Creamy, not too dense mousse that’s barely sweet, and tart from the blackberries. The shiny chocolate glaze made this cake look very appealing and reinforce the fact there’s a some chocolate within it.


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