Throwing a Dessert Party for My Office

Last Friday, my co-workers, scientists who are way more important than me, wanted to throw a dessert party. They bestowed upon me a mission to get sweets sometime before the summer ends. I’ve brainstormed a bit thinking what can appeal to most people and the most obvious one was cupcakes. What better place to get inexpensive (I’m on a certain budget), consistently good cupcakes than Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

Cupcakes! More Cupcakes! CUPCAKES

Arriving there before I have to get to work, I was prepared with a list of flavors that my co-workers wanted. They had everything BUT the coconut! I was mentally screaming, “WHY?!” I wanted that flavor too. Pooh. I ended up replacing the coconut with pistachio since it’s still a nut but I know it isn’t the same. Also, I gotten a small box of cupcakes for my supervisor since she loves cupcakes.

Stacks of cupcake boxes A rainbow of cupcakes
Stacks of boxes and a Rainbow of Cupcakes

I’ve managed to haul three boxes of cupcakes and thankfully, without any major damage done to them going uptown during rush hour in the subway. If you ever been to the NYC subways during this time of the day, you know what I mean. Anyway, I’ve taken these photos (the latter actually) to tempt my co-workers via email when the time’s nearing to the party. I know, I’m evil… As for what flavors I gotten for the lab, just click on the photo and it’ll tell you. The most popular one was the sexy red velvet.

Twist of White Sesame and Chocolate-Black Soybean Soy milk ice cream Twist of soy milk ice cream

Later on the afternoon during my lunch break, I went over to Kyotofu to pick up their mini miso choko cakes. Also, I have to try their soy milk soft-serve ice cream. The flavors of the week were white sesame and chocolate-black soybean. I wanted the twist of the two so I can taste both of them in one shot and topped it with mugi-choko (it’s milk chocolate covered roasted barley). The ice cream was insanely good. I can’t believe that it’s just soy milk! It’s so smooth and creamy and the flavors tasted like what it should be. Both flavors were nutty but the black soybean was chocolate-y too.

Kyotofu stuff for the party A box full o' mini miso chocolate cakes A box full o' mini chocolate souffle cupcakes
The goods…

Unexpectedly, the rain started to pour down when I left Kyotofu and left me running to the nearest subway, trying not to get the cakes wet. What surprised me was what Nicole, the co-owner of Kyotofu, generously threw in for me. Besides the mini chocolate souffle cupcakes, which I presumed were all that in the large pink box, there were mini green tea cupcakes underneath. I don’t deserve this…

Anyway, the hour arrived for the party and all went well. Thankfully, the lab members who wanted coconut cupcakes didn’t have an issue with the pistachio cupcake substitute. We shared a portion of our cupcakes and traded with someone else to try something different. All of them were moist and delicious. The mini miso choko cakes delighted them. I thought most of them would think the miso’s salty kick was weird with the chocolate-y, moist cake. As for the miniature cupcakes, they loved them too. At the end of this party, some of us (like me) had a stomach ache from ALL the sugar we ate but it’s worth the pain.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine

126 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002 map

705 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10019 map


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