Lunch at BBQ Chicken

This is one of the rare posts that is SHORT. Yes, I know I usually write Bible-length posts but for once I’m keeping it short because my mind’s getting a bit burnt from writing the articles for Gotham Digest. I’m not complaining. I’m just tired. Also the time lapse from eating here was three weeks so my memory’s dissipating about the food. I just hope you’ll tolerate with this very short post.

Whenever I’m at work, I usually chat online with K and Robyn talking about various things about our lives and most of the time about food. Since K (back nearly three or so weeks ago) was finally free from her former, hellish client and wanted to have lunch. All three of us talked back and forth what the heck we want to eat. Since K’s had a major craving for fried chicken and Robyn didn’t want to trek out far from her office at Serious Eats, we decided on going to BBQ Chicken. I brought Helen along since she can do lunch with me from her internship at Cornell Hospital.

BBQ Chicken BBQ Chicken

We ended up sharing the family pack which includes four tender, buttery biscuits and two sides.

Our family platter of FRIED CHICKEN!
Platter of fried chicken…NOM.

This platter of chicken was fried in olive oil, giving it a different flavor to any other fried chicken I’ve ever encountered. Perhaps fruitier? I’m not really sure. The chicken was crisp and crunchy while the meat was moist and tender. As we ate on, we’re getting pretty stuffed and made Robyn eat the extra piece to the point that she’s stuffed to this state.

Spicy Creamed Corn A side of Pepper Munchers
Spicy Creamed Corn & Pepper Munchers

As for the sides, we ordered a bowl of spicy creamed corn and a plate of pepper munchers. The corn was thick, creamy, and unexpectedly spicier than most of us have anticipated. But we appreciated the slight burn that it imparted to our palates to contrast the sweet corn.

The pepper munchers were not remotely close to what any of us were expecting. I thought it would be small jalapeño peppers that’s stuffed with cheese. But it’s just a fried nugget of sorts that’s filled with diced potatoes, jack cheese (at least it tasted like it) and specks of peppers.

Once we’re done, we’re stuffed to the gills with fried food. Not exactly a nutritious meal but it was pretty tasty and relatively inexpensive. The problem is, I took another long lunch and I have to haul my ass back to work in the Upper East Side.

BBQ Chicken

232 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10010


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  1. thewanderingeater says:

    RG: Damn, I barely published this post in 15 minutes and you read it! @.@

    Thanks for dropping in and reading! Yes, the meal was artery clogging but oh so tasty…

    Giulia: Yes, SHORT! Uh, BBQ does not stand for barbecue, it stands for “Best of the Best Quality Chicken.” I should have clarified that earlier. Ooops.

  2. Danny says:

    Short posts make it easier for me to read through it! That chicken looks mighty good… mmm… tis definitely better than other fast food fried chicken?

  3. thewanderingeater says:

    Danny: Makes it easier for you but I’m just not used to it. But then again, my brain isn’t working for me at the moment. BUH!

    Yes, this kicks any fast food chicken’s butt exponentially.

  4. cynthia says:

    uhmmm…looks very tasty.i would really love to know how to get to this bbq chicken via MTA TRAIN.tell me…what train goes there?let me know so i can be a witness.lol
    seriously though. and oh yeah….nice post.short and straight to the point.love that

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