Not Really A Post…But It's About Restaurant Week

I’m kind of lazy these days due to the heat of the city…and I’m not really eating out just because I’m fasting (sort of) due to the coming of Restaurant Week! I’m planning to have three lunches and a dinner within three days. Sounds like fun yet my weight’s going to take a toll. Oh boy…

Technically, Restaurant Week is ten days long (starting on Monday, July 16th) but I’m not willing to spend that much money and I can’t eat that many courses and restaurants. Sure, if I had a basal metabolic rate of a hummingbird then I don’t mind eating a lot.

To give you a little bit of a preview on future posts, I’m first going to Aureole, then to Aquavit Cafe, the Bar Room at the Modern, and cap it all off with one of my favorite restaurants at the moment, Eleven Madison Park.

In case you are participating RW at the Bar Room at the Modern for dinner, here’s a preview of one of the entrées they are serving. (I know this because they’ve sent me the menu.)

Close up view of Beer Braised Pork Belly with Sauerkraut and Ginger Jus

You know what it is if you have read my post back a few months ago when I had lunch there.

If I happen to see you at any of these places during Restaurant Week, Yay! If not, well…if you happen to be in the city anytime in the fall, I’ll be there due to classes (and obviously eating around with my camera on-hand).


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  1. Casper McEvoy says:

    Oh my god! How lucky are you? May we switch shoes please? But no seriously that sounds fantastic I wish I were you. I’m somewhat of a wannabe food critic myself and last night finally got out to one of these fancy new “haut” resteraunts for my birthday. (It was Lido’s here in shell beach. http://www.thedolphinbay.com/lido_restaurant/) I sort of found the dinner to be a bit of a disapointment (overcooking, oversalting, small portions etc…) But their desert chef more than made up for it. But really thats great for you, good luck!

  2. thewanderingeater says:

    Casper: First of all, Happy Birthday!
    Me? Lucky? Perhaps for the opportunity to eat out that much… I am just dreading the fact that I’m eating a lot of food within a short span of time, especially one of those days I’m eating a lunch and dinner in one day. Thanks for the wishes! :)

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