Grom's Apology

Hey Everyone!
It seems like the reason why Grom’s workers are leveling their gelato it’s because they’re INEXPERIENCED. It’s not their business practice.

Those of you who’ve read my issues with the gelato recently, said I would write an “angry email.” Well, I wrote a complaint and emailed to Italy about this problem. Here’s the reply:

Dear Tina,
thank you for your kind email, and thank you for the compliments about gelato.

And I personally apologize for what happened to you.

I sincerely have to say that it is very complex to organize a new shop, far from Italy as the one in New York is, and to train all the Grom workers at the best. At same time is not easy to build the right team of “conisti” to serve the gelato.

For this reason, our manager Luigi Ferraris is there in New York this week to explain to everybody how really serve and explain to our clients the characteristics of our gelato and raw materials.

So I’d like to say to you that to level the gelato is not a question of Grom policy but just the inexperience of the guys who serve the gelato (is this the reason for which many of them use the tshirt “conista in training”): it will be my personal care to inform the managers of the shop of your comment, and I will do everything to solve the problem.

Don’t hesitate to write me for any other observation.


Guido Martinetti

Gromart Srl

Sede Legale: P.za Paleocapa, 1/d – 10121 Torino

Sede Amministrativa: Strada Cuorgnè, 51/4 – 10070 Mappano di Caselle (To)

Tel. +39.0119961004 Fax +39.0119910411

I guess it’s safe to say that we can go back to Grom and eat gelato there before I’ll vent again. I miss Grom’s gelato…

My small cup of gelato (2nd round)

My medium cup of gelato (1st round)


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