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Grom opened the past Saturday. Due to the extensive press coverage from The NY Times, NY Magazine, amongst the plethora, it’s too tempting for me to pass up anything related to gelato. My mind is screaming, “Why aren’t you eating there yet?!” So I finally went there today. Get ready for a creamy, sugar rush…because I did.

I arrived there at 12:45 PM and they already have a line!

Grom with a line of people
Grom with a line of people

The Wall The Wall

Grom's Price & Flavor List Price & Flavor List

Most of these people are high schoolers, stroller moms, and a few shoppers who were in the neighborhood. I’m there for two reasons, one is the obvious (I want gelato) and the other was that I had an interview for a possible summer job/internship. Anyways, the line moved fairly quickly and lots of pedestrians who pass by inquired, “What’s this line for? Is it worth $5 for a small?” I wondered the same when I read this from various articles. I’m hoping I’ll be down on my knees, weeping with elated joy for that kind of price tag.

Scooping some gelato Scooping gelato

By the time I’m on the front, I’ve ordered a medium cup of gelato filled with pistachio and stracciatella. The price: $5.75, including tax, it’s $6.15. I kind of winced at that point of paying that much for a medium that looks like a small.

My medium cup of gelato (1st round)
Pistachio and Stracciatella gelatos in a medium

Well, I got to admit it’s worth spending for. The pistachio is SOO GOOD! The pistachio flavor tasted so fresh with a concentrated roasted pistachio flavor. Not at all artificial. It’s smooth, not cloyingly sweet, über creamy, and dense.

Look at that lovely texture…

The stracciatella, which is basically a combination of a sweet cream gelato mixed in with Valhrona chocolate chunks, is good but I wasn’t as happy as the pistachio. I should have thought it out a bit more on the flavor combo.

For some crazy, insane reason I went back on line and actually got myself another cup of gelato. Yup, I’m a gelato maniac and I didn’t even get to eat a real lunch either. I have issues…

Anyways, for my second round I got a small cup with gianduja (hazelnut and chocolate flavor) and Luna Rossa ($4.75, plus tax).

My small cup of gelato (2nd round)

Drippy... Dripping…

The gianduja is really intensely flavored with roasted hazelnuts and chocolate. The texture is still creamy, dreamy, and decadent. Gah, I want more! The Luna Rossa was a delicate gelato that is made of sweet cream and flavored with raspberries. Posso avere alcuni più? (Can I have more?, in Italian)

I officially love Grom for all their gelato goodness or should I say gelato heaven? I just hope that if I do get the job that I’ve just been interviewed, could resist the temptation of getting a cup or cone of gelato every single day as long as I work there before I’ll certainly gain weight and drain out my paycheck.


2165 Broadway
New York, NY 10024

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  1. SteamyKitchen

    wow. $6 for a small!? I can get a gallon of ice cream for $3! but then again, i’ve never tasted grom or pinkberry, so i don’t get the hype yet….your pics does make it look seductive though.

  2. Robyn

    Is the medium a better deal to get than the small? I would suppose yes. Can’t tell how big that cup is…[not big enough, haha]

  3. thewanderingeater

    SteamyKitchen: Yeah, it’s expensive but it tastes like it’s worth the splurge. This is obviously not meant for daily consumption before I go for broke and clog my arteries more than I need to already.

    Robyn: Pistachio… I’m still dreaming of it. Well, it’s hard to tell what is a small and a medium at first glance but as you dig in, you do get an ounce or so more of gelato from small to medium.

    miss tiffie: Yay! :) Gelato is awesome stuff.

  4. Kim

    ok missy, I saw coconut in the flavors!!!! and you know i’m going to try that hazelnut/chocolate! looks yummy!

  5. thewanderingeater

    Kim: Yeah, I know the coconut exists but I wasn’t feeling coconutty that day. Just chocolate and nuts…mostly. Anyways, I’m going back to Grom very soon and try out other flavors.

  6. thewanderingeater

    pistacchiotruth: Capigiro pistachio? Sounds good, but where can I get my hands (or mouth?) on them?!

  7. shari

    I am a resident of Nashville, TN and there is no gelato shops here. However, I am such a big fan of gelato, especially pistachio flavored gelato. I have been searching online so that I could order some, but have had no luck finding pistachio flavored gelato. Help!

  8. Adriane

    Hey hey, I haven’t tried any of the hyped up gelatos before [ah, rural life] but I hear really good things about Capigiro- there flavors sound delicious. Check em out online! You can order them there, as well– but I think it needs to be something like 6 flavors per order…no matter, get a group of friends to chip in!

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