Lunch with My Aunt at Chung Moo Ro

I have about an hour to write this post for you before I go to class. Since this lunch I’m writing about now took place last Friday, I might as well tell you about this meal in K-town that I had with my aunt and her son who are visiting from Hong Kong.

The reason why I’m in the city on a Friday afternoon, which normally never happens since I don’t have classes on Friday and it’s my (so called) Spring Break, it’s because my aunt wanted to see the Macy’s Flower Show in Herald Square. No, I’m not going to put up anymore flower pictures, since most of them didn’t come out too well so you’re not going to suffer anymore of that.

Back to the food. My cousin was dying for some food since it’s 1:30. My mother also accompanied us and wanted to get some decent food around here since it’s cold that Friday afternoon. I suggested if they wanted Korean food since I don’t like any sandwiches around here and I’m not in a sandwich mood. My aunt agreed with that suggestion and I took all of them over to K-town which is just three blocks away.

Chung Moo Ro Restaurant

Here’s the rice portion of the lunch menu:
The Rice portion of the lunch menu

The tea served and the restaurant’s interior:
The tea served

Looking toward the back of the restaurant... Interior shot

The tea is basically the same for all other Korean restaurants that I’ve been to so far, the hyunmi cha, which is the rice cracker flavored tea. It’s good and it’s warm.

Edit 4/14/07: I ordered for the group: Ddukbagi Bulgogi, Gobdol Bimibap, Gamjatang, Godeunguh Gui (the grilled mackerel)  and the Duenjang Chigae (Miso Soup).

After my order, came in the banchan.
The Banchan

They’re all good but the kimchi was a bit too spicy for my palate.

Then came ALL the food…
Ddukbagi Bulgogi Ddukbagi Bulgogi

Ddukbagi Bulgogi (zoomed in) Ddukbagi Bulgogi (zoomed in)

Godeunguh Gui (Miso Soup) Fish stew (forgotten the name)

Slightly mixed Gobdol Bimibap Gobdol Bimibap

Gamjatang Gamjatang (sorry again for the blurriness)
Angled shot of the Godeunguh Gui Godeunguh Gui (sorry for the blurriness)

The last photo was blurred since my aunt started to de-bone apart the fish. So once again, sorry for the blurriness of it all.

The Ddukbagi Bulgogi was a really sweet beef soup, which actually surprised me in a good way. It was pretty hearty and it’s my favorite out of all the soups and stews that I’ve ordered.

The Gobdol Bimibap is my favorite Korean rice dish. Somehow the sizzling hot stone bowl filled with rice, vegetables and a raw egg being slightly cooked up in it, appeals to me. It’s really tasty.

My bowl of Gobdol Bimibap (mixed) My bowl of Gobdol Bimibap

The Gamjatang is a spicy pork bone stew that is chocked full of vegetables but not that much potatoes as the menu indicated. It’s delicious, hearty and it really warms your mouth and your insides.

The Godeunguh Gui was delicious dish of broiled mackerel. It’s cooked perfectly with a nicely broiled skin and moist flesh, and it’s seasoned well.

Check and Orange Slices

The whole bill for the group of 4 came out to be about $13 per person, which isn’t that expensive. The dish that really boosted the check was the broiled mackerel since it’s off the lunch menu and it costs about $13 and everything else was under $10.

Chung Moo Roo
10 W. 32nd Street
New York, NY


I shoot, eat, and drink. My full time job is a hospital administrator. Moonlighting as a freelance photographer and food and travel writer.

  1. Mercy says:

    Hello~ I lovelovelove your blog- mainly for your taste in foods, especially french pastries. I’m planning to go back to Paris for the upcoming summer to intern PatisFrance, a pastry ingredients import/export company! Need to get my hands on Laduree macaroons… fuchon chocolates…….. on the street crepes, and undo the Spring-gym hours.

    Anyway, i just wanted to give you props, and also, give you a small correction. “duenjang chigae” is the miso-like soup/stew you had, and “godeunguh gui” is the mackerel. You seem to know this in the longer post, but in the intro it’s mixed up. Just so you know :] I’m korean and i’m kind of dying in college without my fermented cabbage…..

  2. thewanderingeater says:

    Mercy: Thanks for loving my blog! :D
    Even though I have a HUGE obsession with French food, you should go to Robyn’s blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything as a great reference for fooding areas since she’s been there a couple of weeks ago for spring break and spent an entire semester in Paris. You must try Pierre Herme’s macarons! For my sake?! (Did I mention I’m a bit jealous that you’re going to Paris for the summer? ;) )

    I don’t know Korean food that much, as you can tell. I just like eating it since it’s so tasty. The correction will be made.

    Oh, you poor thing! Where’s your college located?

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