A Bunch of Stuff: Pierre Herme’s Chocs, Bouchon Bakery lunch (again), and Macaron Meet Up!

This is a bit of a backtrack post since I wanted to write about my first Shake Shack experience. So, I’ll start from Monday evening, when Robyn got me some macarons, as you have probably seen or read from this post, and some chocolate bonbons from her Parisian vacation last week. Since I’ve ingested my macarons first, I wanted to try Pierre Herme‘s chocolates. Why not? I love his macarons, I’m expecting no less of standards after eating the maccies.

So, here’s the chocolates…

Side view of box

Chocs protected with a plastic cover

Chocolates plated

They look as good as they taste. Uh huh! It’s about the equivalent to La Maison du Chocolat‘s standards. The use of great chocolate, with a somewhat innovative ganaches (e.g. praline, caramel, passion fruit, etc.) that is within a balanced ratio of chocolate to filling. Not too sweet, not at all bland, and good, smooth mouth-feel for each and every bite. It’s lovely. If you want to know what flavors I’ve gotten and eaten, click here.

On Tuesday, I went to Bouchon Bakery. Probably a suitable subtitle for this blog would be the “Bouchon Bakery Eater.” Oy. You know why I eat here often, so I won’t explain it again. I end up having a Ham & Cheese Baguette ($7.75) and a Lemon Tart ($6.75).

The baguette with Cornichon pickles

Lemon Tart

The baguette was ok. The roast beef sandwich I had fared much better than this ham and cheese baguette. I think the ham was cooked or warmed too long that it dried up too well and the cheese doesn’t have that gooey, creaminess that I desired. I’m a bit disappointed but the baguette was good though.

The lemon tart was fine.


The crust was good. It’s a pâte brisée dough with chunks of almonds embedded in the crust. The lemon tart filing was a bit too soft or loose that it didn’t have much structure that whenever I’m trying to fork a bite to my mouth, it falls apart. I don’t know why but probably after my dismal experience with the macarons I had when I ate with Robyn, Bouchon’s quality is falling… I truly hope not before Thomas Keller will actually mar is reputation as a world class chef.

The Macaron Meet Up with Robyn and Me!
Hey everyone! On Sunday, April 1st (yes, it’s April Fools’ Day), we’re meeting up in hopes to find awesome French macarons (not those coconut cookies) in New York City. I’m talking about these wonderful cookies…

If you can join us, please leave a comment on this post or write a comment on Robyn’s forum. We’ll give you details in the very near future. I should note that we are NOT going to Bouchon Bakery since we’re disappointed (as noted from my earlier post) and Tisserie (since Robyn didn’t like it so much and I don’t really like Tisserie since they charge outrageous prices for decent food). Hope to see you soon!


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  1. Kathy says:

    I got the same box of chocolates from robyn! they totally made my entire chrismas break, my favorite was the praline, but then again, gah, they were all so good! …i’m starting to drool just thinking about them again :)
    aw man. i wish i could win then lottery – then i’d fly up for the macaron meet up! ;)

  2. thewanderingeater says:

    Kathy: I love PH’s chocolates, too! It would be awesome if you can make it to the macaron hunt (or meet up) but since you’re in California or Hawaii at the moment…it’s ok. :)

  3. Adam Kuban says:

    Ugh. Disappointing to read the H&C baguette was a no-go. It looked so good on your Flickr, which is what shot me over here. The only thing bad I’ve had from Bouchon so far has been the Buche de Noël — and can you really ever expect a Buche de Noël to be good?

  4. thewanderingeater says:

    Adam: I guess the disappointment for the H&C was due to the fact that whoever heated my sandwich heated for too long? I’m not too sure. Anyways, I never had a decent Buche de Noël before (not from Bouchon). I tried it once but it didn’t blow me away.

  5. thewanderingeater says:

    Doug: I guess you’re over the nut butter obsession and it’s frozen pea love…? The chocolates were awesome. Thanks again to Robyn! :)

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