Lunch at My House

Today, I have no classes (obviously because it’s Columbus Day), stayed home and studying for upcoming midterms. Anyways, over the weekend my parents decided to buy a frozen turkey and roast that darn thing on Sunday. It’s not hard at all; just defrost the turkey the day before, marinate the bird overnight with a spice rub (did it the Chinese way by using Five Spice Powder, etc.). Roast it in 350 degree oven for 1 hr. 45 mins. and you got a great turkey. Since this is like a prelude to Thanksgiving for my family, as in the leftovers I have to be creative on the sandwich department.

If you know me long enough, my entire family is pretty much foodies of sorts; make our own pasta/noodles, make our own stews and soups (my mom’s specialty), baked goods/desserts (that’s my forte), and roasted meats or meat cooked in any way (my dad’s thing besides computers & techie stuff), my brother’s specialty is eating them. lol. I know that’s harsh to say about my brother, but he doesn’t cook or bake, he’s just the mathematician. But I still love him anyway.

Since my parents gone out of the house to work, I was thinking of what to eat for lunch: something with turkey. So, I decided on a turkey sandwich with sautéed white button mushrooms and slice bell peppers with yesterday’s turkey gravy; for my beverage: flowering tea that I’ve dug out of my kitchen cupboards. I can’t believe I still have them! Those of you who are wondering what the tea looks like:

The tea “unbloomed”

Tea” bloomed”; isn’t it pretty?

Possibly, you’re thinking, “You’re drinking tea out of a (Chardonnay) wine glass?!” Yes, I do. For this particular tea, besides the asthetics, it also captures the floral fragrance of the tea; as you drink the tea, you inhale its scent. The way you drink wine.

Since I’m at home, I’ve borrowed my dad’s Canon EOS Rebel XT Camera to take pics of my food for today. I must say, I love this camera but kind of wish he had macro lens for the close up shots.

As an appetizer, I had pan fried dumplings. It’s homemade and from scratch, from skin to meat. My dad made these yesterday and had them frozen, so it can be cooked when you want them. It’s filled with ground chicken, chives, napa cabbage, scallion and ginger. Pan fried ’til golden brown. It’s pretty darn good, I’m still saying that almost 15 years of my life, ever since I’m able to know how food tastes like. The only drawback was that the filling was too moist due to the cabbage’s water content. But it’s still good.

The main course, if you will, is my turkey sandwich I described earlier. On the side is my roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic. The toasted Italian bread absorbs the gravy, making it moist and flavorful. The turkey, mushroom, gravy combo is traditional and the bell pepper gave the sandwich a tangy highlight to the earthy flavors of the mushroom and turkey. The potatoes compliment the the sandwich, as a healthier alternative to fries, plus it’s more flavorful with the rosemary-garlic aroma that filled the house.
It’s a gratifying, hearty lunch even though the portions are on the small side.

The pic of the two together:

I’m full and now, I have to get back studying. It’s a beautiful day, I’ll walk outside later on, since the rest of the week is going to get cooler.


I shoot, eat, and drink. My full time job is a hospital administrator. Moonlighting as a freelance photographer and food and travel writer.

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