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Lunch at 15 East

Interior: At the sushi bar & dining room 15 East is one of the few Michelin starred, Japanese restaurants I’ve been wanting to dine at for the past couple of years, as I’ve been hearing very good to excellent things about their sushi. Trio of oysters Perusing through their menu, and coordinating with my mother’s schedule, we had the lunch prix menu of three courses for $32. This particular menu changes accordingly with the season but looked back in retrospect, it’s mostly derived from their regular lunch menu. Of the three options of the first course, I opted for their..

Breads Bakery – One of My Favorite New Bakeries

Exterior Breads Bakery, retail area, and co-owner Gadi Peleg Yesterday was an unusually gorgeous Saturday, especially with the recent onslaught of snow a few days ago. Walking around Manhattan was both a joy yet distressing from the tourists and New Yorkers alike crowding on the streets, as I did not anticipate Union Square to be that crowded until late spring or summer. Beyond my typical weekly walk through the farmers’ market, I recalled reading about Breads Bakery and curious to drop by since it’s steps away from Union Square. This place is a spacious bakery that has a take-out section..

Fabulous Pre-Holiday Meal at ABC Kitchen

Interiors and the table full of winter produce I’ve been curious of ABC Kitchen‘s food for a while. Despite the fact I’ve eaten Chef Kluger’s food from two different events. The dishes Kluger created for these events were memorable. It was soulful, bold flavored food despite one was a protein (roast pork) and the other was pasta. I ended up meeting my lawyer friend G for lunch a few days ago before we get immersed into our hectic holiday schedule. The dining room is rustic yet pretty. Blonde wooden floors, low back chairs and a mix of white and wooden..

The Return of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (and some inside info)

New Yorkers, we can rejoice for the return of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck! I did miss the first time Doug Quint, the one of the owners of BGICT, when he did graced his presence at Union Square two weeks ago. To those of you who are not familiar with Doug and Bryan’s truck, they’re the awfully funny and cool guys who run a Mr. Softee truck that’s pretty much an anti-Mr. Softee, if that made sense. Yes, they do sell the traditional shakes, soft serve with the dips, nuts, and/or sprinkles but, when you visit this truck you..

Ice Cream Outings with Gordon: Stogo & Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Waayy back on August 26th (yeah, I know I’m absurdly behind), I met up with Gordon, for a potential outing to eat one of Big Gay Ice Cream Truck‘s creations. Problem for that particular date, if you follow BGICT’s Twitter, he didn’t make it to Union Square within my lunch hour because of mechanical issues with his truck. A bit disappointed, I resorted to think of somewhere else to have ice cream that none of us (as in me, Gordon, and my friend Giulia) had and it’s close to Union Square, I thought of Stogo. Frankly, I’m not a fan..

Lunch at Tocqueville

Taken place on July 23, 2009. I’ve went to Tocqueville toward what’s supposedly the last few days of Restaurant Week. The thing to know is, Tocqueville has a year-round prix fixe for the same price. I went there just because it’s close to where a friend of mine works (I wanted to say “hi” to him.), I wanted to try a certain dish that’s available a la carte, and I haven’t been to this restaurant after it moved from its previous location over two years ago. Interior The small yet elegant dining room was occupied by a few gentlemen behind..

Tapas at Casa Mono

I finally ate here For several years, I’ve been dying to go to Casa Mono just because I read about their tasty tapas in a publication (I think it was The New York Times?) that extolled the food. Also hearing it from several foodies helps build my excitement to eat there as well. But I haven’t gone there since I didn’t know anyone who would eat there with me. That’s until I met up with my Aussie reader, Suzen and her friend Sarah who was interested in trying out the food. Woot.

Wrapping Up The Rest of Restaurant Week – Aquavit, Town, and Blue Water Grill

The last two days of the official Restaurant Week, I’ve had lunch with my co-workers at Aquavit on Thursday and on Friday, I did a double-header of lunch (with Ariel at Town) and dinner (with Ariel and Helen). The first one is very familiar since I went there last year and the latter two were new places just to expand our horizons of what the city can offer. Aquavit Dining Room Interior At Aquavit, the menu was very similar to last year’s except the fact that I’m eating in the Dining Room and the small tweaks in the menu. Instead..

A Ladies’ Lunch at Devi (Winter Restaurant Week 2008) & Espresso

I kicked off Restaurant Week (back on Tuesday, January 22nd) with lunch with my three girl friends: Giulia, Seungmi, and Helen, at Devi. Yep, we’re exploring into realm of haute Indian cuisine since what we’ve encounter in our pasts were heavy, greasy, fire breathing-spicy Indian food. We had high hopes for this place since I’ve heard a lot about it on Chowhound. And yes, I do acknowledge the fact that they do serve a prix fixe lunch on a normal basis but we craved Indian food. Interior