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The Modern Bar Room – Restaurant Week

Last Tuesday, I’ve arranged dinner with my parents at The Modern Bar Room. First timers to eat there (and it’s Restaurant Week), I know the Modern would not disappoint me, as I’ve eaten here a few times throughout the years, Restaurant Week or not, and had good to very good experiences. Crowded, sort of Despite the fact we did have an early reservation for dinner, the tables were about half full and as expected, the sleek bar were packed with suited businessmen and lawyers hanging around for their Happy Hour. Promptly seated, we’ve perused through the RW menu and decided..

Dinner at the Bar Room at the Modern (Restaurant Week)

The past Friday evening, I had dinner at the Bar Room at the Modern with Ariel. Since I have arrived there earlier than he did, I took the time to take in the atmosphere and the vibe of this place since it is so different than what I have experienced for lunch the last time I was here. It’s more energetic since it is a Friday night: the after-work crowd, friends and dates having their dinners. It’s definitely more relaxed, loud, and arguably chaotic due to the talking, noise, and the start of the weekend. (more…)

An "Artful" Lunch at the Modern Bar Room

This is arguably the most expensive lunch I ever had. Period. I had lunches from pricey restaurants (e.g. Le Bernardin a few years ago and recently Eleven Madison Park) by trying their prix fixe or tasting menu but it never come to the total that I have paid just a few days ago. You’ll understand as I will explain my one time whim and chance to go to The Modern‘s Bar Room on Tuesday, April 24th. (more…)