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Hario NXA-5 Coffee Siphon NEXT

Hario is a 91-year old heat resistant glass maker for coffee and tea. Their first siphon was released in 1957. Ever since, they’ve created a number of coffee brewers that I’ve learned to love and understand the many techniques to create a delicious cups of coffee. Their newest release, Hario Coffee Siphon NEXT (Model # NXA-5, 20-ounce capacity) it’s an improvement of their original siphon. First is the metal filter. The material conventionally used for the siphon filter is cloth or cotton flannel. The flannel filter is most suitable for extracting a clean cup of coffee and it’s capable of..

Hario Glass – Coffee Made Many Ways But Still Get a Great Cup

Probably you might have known over the years, that I love coffee, up to the point that I am a coffee geek. I love and appreciate my cup of coffee. I even admit I’m one of those crazy people who is willing to do more than insert a coffee pod and press a button at 7 AM before I get ready to head out for work. Without that cup of complex flavored, caffeinated deliciousness, I would be in a petulant mood and bite a few heads off during work – and obviously, that is not a good thing. Hario coffee..