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Afternoon Tea Party on the 4th of July

Setting; The spread with sweets from Chocolate Gourmet and a birthday brownie from Simply Divine Brownies; tea line-up Over the July 4th weekend, I threw an intimate afternoon tea party for a few friends. Even though it’s kind of British to do this type of affair, I kept it in the American perspective by keeping the tea menu grounded to mostly fine American tea companies (Paromi, Republic of Tea, and Kusmi (royal Russian heritage in St. Petersburg but from Paris, France). The food menu is quite lengthy that my guests can arrive to my home starving. The savory options are..

Simply Divine Brownies

A dozen brownies in two boxes My chocoholic sweet tooth made me crave brownies and I’m too lazy to whip up a batch of this simple, dark, and not too sweet fudgy goodness at home I looked over to Simply Divine Brownies. As their name states it’s pretty self explanatory. Yes it sounds quite cliché but once you get to eat their brownies you would understand. (more…)