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Thai Green Curry Puff Pastries

This post is sponsored by Hatfield Easter is approaching and while I do not celebrate that holiday for religious reasons but only for the secular, food holiday like Christmas. Easter for my family involves a lot of delicious food that has a mix of vibrant flavors that is not necessarily traditional. Since pork is a mainstay in my household and I care about sourcing, I like cooking with Hatfield. Hatfield is committed to animal care and to sustaining American family farms. They raise their pigs without hormones, steroids and growth promotants. What is even better is Hatfield has prepared fresh..

Fourme d’Ambert Blue Cheese, Thyme, Cayenne, Tomato Jam Popovers

Recently, Cheeses of Europe generously sent me a package of Mimolette and Fourme d’Ambert from the best cheese shop in New York City, Murray’s Cheese (as part of “Make it Magnifique” campaign). It felt like Christmas since I love cheese! Mimolette’s bright orange paste and dusty exterior tastes something akin to gouda. Sweet-salty, caramelized flavor but has the texture of Parmigianno Reggiano (hard, dense and easily shaved). The Fourme d’Ambert is a mild, earthy, cow’s milk blue cheese. It is creamy and lacks the spicy funk in Roquefort. The latter is a good thing, especially for some of my friends..