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Le Philosophe

Exterior, part of the interior of Le Philosophe, and part of our table setting Le Philosophe is the kind of casual French restaurant that provides you a good, very solid dinner either by yourself, as you can saddle up on a bar stool in the back of the restaurant, a date, up to a group of friends, like I have. It was bustling despite the fact it was a rainy Thursday night with very loud conversations blasting when we arrived. Thankfully, we were taken downstairs where conversations were at much tolerable levels where we don’t have to shout throughout the..

Brunch at Lafayette Restaurant

*Please note: The entire post’s photos were taken with my iPhone 5.* Lafayette’s brunch menu, Inside Lafayette, Peering at their beautiful bakery section and the tart du jour (tart of the day) The past weekend, my friend and I decided to have brunch at Lafayette, owned by Andrew Carmellini, the same chef who started the rustic Italian restaurant Locanda Verde and the all-American fare The Dutch. I’ve read many reviews over the past few months and I’ve read many who tout how Executive Chef Damon Wise and Pastry Chef Jennifer Yee (who takes care of the pastry and café/bakery programs)..

Mile End Sandwich

Exterior of Mile End Sandwich and their sandwich menu Craving smoked meats encased between two slices of homemade rye bread or in an onion roll, my friends and I recently went to Mile End Deli Sandwich in NoHo for an early weekend lunch. Mile End Deli Sandwich is an offshoot of their Jewish deli restaurant, Mile End Deli that is located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. This shiny, minimalist looking sandwich shop isn’t what you’d expect for a Jewish deli or even a sandwich shop. The first thing you’d see once you’ve entered this shop is the unusual, long, jagged wooden..

Saxon + Parole: Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey Pairing Dinner

Starting top left: At Saxon + Parole, Dinner menu pairing with Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey, Interior, at the bar A few nights ago, I had dinner at Saxon + Parole for Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey dinner. This restaurant is Chef Brad Farmerie and AvroKO’s latest venture, which used to be their restaurant concept, Double Crown whose foods were based on British colonies in Asia. This current concept is named after two horses, Saxon and Parole, Americana circa early 1900s, serving more approachable fare like grilled meats and seafood towers. As a fan of Chef Farmerie’s food at PUBLIC, I’m pretty..

Il Buco’s "Sagra del Maiale"

Quite a crowd Late yesterday afternoon, I went over to Il Buco‘s “Sagra del Maiale” in hopes to get my hands on a piece of the 200 lb Ossabaw pig that’s slowly roasted between two large iron griddles with wood fire above and below. Alas, I came in late at 5 PM that all that remains is its head and hooves. Damn.

My Late Epiphany at Caffé Falai

All of my (two) previous experiences with Caffé Falai, the food has been delicious but I tend to think their service sucks since it’s been sloth-like. But I have reached a late epiphany with this place. It’s wonderful to eat here for breakfast and/or brunch. The waitress never rushes you out; the loud, garrulous Italian gentleman, Enrico, greets you and assists you in your coffee and/or pastry order. You can linger here as long as you would like to. Heck, I stayed there for 1 1/2 hours for breakfast and that’s not normal for me. I guess because being a..