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Triple Chocolate Cranberry Muffins and Tate's Bake Shop Cookie & Bar Tower Giveaway

[Translate] Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook: Baking for Friends For the past month, I had received a preview copy of Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook: Baking for Friends by Kathleen King, from Ms. King’s team. (If you can recall, I visited this charming bakery that has many delicious baked goods in Southampton, Long Island last year). The book has many wonderful color photographs that would make me want to break out my mixer and start baking. The recipes are in the Hamptons style of not being too fussy, yet the details of each recipe makes it unique from slight twists on a..

Homemade Kimchi

[Translate] Some of the ingredients to make kimchi Over the summer, I attended the Cook Out NYC preview party hosted at Jimmy Carbone’s restaurant, Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village and watched Kheedim Oh of Mama O’s Kimchee demonstrate how to make kimchi. Intrigued and inspired, I thought of making it myself…eventually. That eventually was ten days ago when I drove to my local Korean grocery store and saw Napa cabbage was on sale and take the initiative to really make it.   It’s not exactly the kimchi recipe that I saw from the mentioned demonstration though the foundations..

Summer Dinner at Home

[Translate] The spread A recent dinner at home a few weeks ago was an ode to summer. Basking bright, warm summer sunset on my balcony with friends and family. Fancy pants topped chicken sausages We had large steamed then grilled lobsters, a huge, juicy bone-in prime-rib (I’ll give you that recipe at the end of the post), and fancy pants topped fresh chicken sausages. Why chicken sausages you ask? Well, it’s arguably the most neutral flavored meat sausage that can go with almost anything. The most trickiest to work with is the foie gras, truffle aioli toppings since I have..

Breakfast/Brunch with Whole Wheat Couscous

[Translate] As the few months of the year rolled by quickly and summer is not too far from now, I have started to consider to eat a little bit healthier since I’ve been stuffing my mouth with rich foods and wanted to eat more whole grains at home. Since I had time one weekend morning, I thought of cooking breakfast solely devoted to whole wheat couscous (also known as Israeli couscous). Israeli couscous is slightly different than a normal couscous by having a larger grain (it’s technically a pasta) and it has a slightly nutty flavor that many references I’ve..

Super Bowl 2012 Party At Home

[Translate] The starter spread, Cheese platter with Emmi Roth Cheeses & Vegetable crudité Yesterday was a great Super Bowl game as the New York Giants won! Woot! Beyond the sports fanfare, the Super Bowl is a food holiday, if you’re willing to admit it or not. Since I invited a group of 8 friends watching the game and cheering on, I might as well cook a whole bunch of food and thankfully, a few came in early to chip in some help. Pat LaFrieda Original Blend and Shortrib Blend burgers & Platter of Beef Brisket and Lamb Burgers We ended..

Chinese New Year Eve 2012 with Pat LaFrieda’s Whole Pig, Roasted

[Translate] Chinese New Year tray of togetherness, chocolates, tangerines; Pistachios from Wonderful Pistachios; Oolong tea and pistachios on the side Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! 恭喜發財! In Cantonese, Gong Hay Fat Choy! I wish you all much prosperity and happiness in the new year of the Dragon! One of the most important days of this holiday is New Year’s Eve. If you were in my family’s kitchen, you’d be stuck in there the day before preparing, rehydrating, chopping, and marinating a whole bunch of ingredients preparing for dishes to cook for this holiday. While in between, we snack on pistachios..

New Year’s Day 2012 Brunch

[Translate] New Year dumplings topped with Beluga Kaluga caviar & Homemade turnip cake “lo bak gao” Happy New Year! Admittedly two days late from posting but better than never. I celebrated the new year with family and as usual, cooking and baking up a storm. The traditional Chinese dishes my family always had, ever since I was a wee child, were homemade dumplings and turnip cake (lo bak gao; 蘿蔔糕). Though dumplings are traditional in concept, I changed the recipe making it a bit more upscale by adding Caviar Star‘s Beluga Kaluga caviar and shape it to a coin purse..

My Decadent Thanksgiving Dinner – Foie Gras and Truffle-Centric

[Translate] My dining room, foie gras torchon with pomegranate and cocoa, and black truffle bacon brussels sprouts This year’s Thanksgiving dinner was the most over-the-top decadence as my menu was not based on American traditions whatsoever. If you have to think about it, it reads French than any other cuisine. (I have admitted in the past, I am a Francophile.) Sous vide meets foie gras The menu focused mainly on the truffles I had from Gourmet Attitude and my recent acquisitions of SousVide Supreme Water Oven and Vacuum Sealer and the extraordinary Hudson Valley Foie Gras. The SousVide Supreme water..

Homemade Egg Tarts (Dan Tats; 蛋撻) and Mid-Autumn Festival

[Translate] Tray full of homemade egg tarts (assortment of flavors) with oolong tea Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (中秋節快樂!) to those who celebrate this holiday. As everyone knows you’re supposed to have a piece of the traditional pastry, the mooncake (like the snowskin version I made two weeks ago or the baked version last year). While there are traditions for each ethnicity and even within different cities within China, this fall harvest holiday is like any other Chinese holiday that I know of – there’s bound to be a feast. My family is planning to make roast pork belly (sieu yuk; 烧肉)..