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Hario Sommelier Coffee Siphon & Largo Tea Dripper

Hario Sommelier Coffee Siphon (Model # SCA-05) Hario‘s recent coffee and teaware releases for the spring/summer season are the Sommelier Coffee Siphon (Model # SCA-05) and the Largo Tea Dripper. The Sommelier siphon is very similar to the siphons you’re familiar with but this is so much sleeker, elegant, and less parts to build this unit, to brew your beloved coffee in this technique. For those who are picky about which filter to have in your siphon, it does include both a cloth and fine mesh metal filter. (The cloth would arguably be cleaner tasting and less potential of coffee..

Hario NXA-5 Coffee Siphon NEXT

Hario is a 91-year old heat resistant glass maker for coffee and tea. Their first siphon was released in 1957. Ever since, they’ve created a number of coffee brewers that I’ve learned to love and understand the many techniques to create a delicious cups of coffee. Their newest release, Hario Coffee Siphon NEXT (Model # NXA-5, 20-ounce capacity) it’s an improvement of their original siphon. First is the metal filter. The material conventionally used for the siphon filter is cloth or cotton flannel. The flannel filter is most suitable for extracting a clean cup of coffee and it’s capable of..

Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2013

It’s already February, believe or not, and that usually means it’s Valentine’s Day but interestingly enough, Chinese New Year falls four days before it (February 10, 2013). If you are giving gifts to your Valentine or if you happen to celebrate both Valentine’s and give gifts to family for Chinese New Year, hopefully, this gift guide would give you ideas, ranging from spirits, non-alcoholic beverages to food items. Spirits Bridget Firtle brings small batch rum back to New York from her Brooklyn-based distillery, The Noble Experiment NYC. Owney’s Rum is named after Owen Madden, a Prohibition-era rum runner from Hell’s..

Hario Glass – Coffee Made Many Ways But Still Get a Great Cup

Probably you might have known over the years, that I love coffee, up to the point that I am a coffee geek. I love and appreciate my cup of coffee. I even admit I’m one of those crazy people who is willing to do more than insert a coffee pod and press a button at 7 AM before I get ready to head out for work. Without that cup of complex flavored, caffeinated deliciousness, I would be in a petulant mood and bite a few heads off during work – and obviously, that is not a good thing. Hario coffee..

Hario Coffee Equipment

In case you haven’t know for many years, I’m a coffee obsessed person. Pretty similar to oenophiles, the pizza snobs, like the writers and readers of Slice, or any other particular food and beverage item that nears obsession to some hearts. Being a devoted consumer of several coffee establishments in New York City like Blue Bottle Coffee, Joe: The Art of Coffee, and Stumptown, the pour-over technique is, or has, become in vogue as of the past year. I’ve bought many cups of coffee brewed this way, including Chemex, and it tastes amazing. The subtle nuances of the beans (fruitiness..