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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2013

One of our most important and influential people, in my life at least, is my mom. Since Mother’s Day is a bit more than 2 weeks away (if you really don’t remember, it’s Sunday, May 12th) you still have some time to get her something before she’ll bite your head off. Here are some of my gift ideas: Chocolates Coco Délice Chocolates Coco Délice is based out in San Francisco, California, whose mission is to have great flavor and appearance, and utilizing the best possible, local ingredients. Their chocolates are French inspired by technique and dominantly French inspired with touches..

Reginald’s Nut Butters, Baked Elements Cookbook & Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ginger Scones

Reginald’s Nut Butters You might be wondering, how does a (very good) artisanal nut butter company Reginald’s Homemade based in Richmond, Virginia can connect with the upcoming release of the (awesome and beautifully photographed by Tina Rapp) Baked Elements by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito cookbook? Reginald’s Homemade create what I think are one of the best nut butters out in the country. It’s pure nut butter without the sugar. To make the nut butters interesting, they do make blend some of nut butters with booze. (If you are curious, I do highly recommend the Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter, which..

Plugrá Butter – Rich and Flavorful Butter

I am a big fan of butter. My affinity for baked goods and pastries (eating or baking) that I probably consume more butter than an ordinary person does. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I do like Plugrá a lot when I bake at home. Heck, even using their unsalted butter, spread it on a lovely, crusty bread with a sprinkling of Maldon salt would make me a happy person. Plugrá is an American made, European-style butter. They use a slow-churned process that creates less moisture content and a creamier texture when compared to average table butters. It contains 82%..

Pierre Hermé Pastries – Book Review

Pierre Hermé Pastries Pierre Hermé Pastries by Pierre Hermé, published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang. Is probably the most talked about dessert cookbook of 2012 after reading through a number of tweets from the food community. Inside the book There is substance behind this hype. This 288-page book is one of my favorite dessert cookbooks I’ve gotten my hands on as of recent. Pierre Hermé fanatics (like me) and home bakers who want to get a taste of Hermé’s genius or want to get a vivid reminder of eating his divine pastries from his boutiques in Paris, London or Tokyo,..

Homemade Macarons – à la Pierre Hermé

If you’ve been one of my longtime readers, you know I have an obsession with macarons. I admit I go insane over Pierre Hermé macarons. (When I landed in Paris for vacation last May, the top “must do things” on my first day was to go to any of Hermé’s boutiques and have his macarons and pastries!) My box of homemade pistachio macarons In case you didn’t know, Pierre Hermé is one of the preeminent pastry chefs in the world and most known for his macarons and his unusual flavor combinations, especially his signature flavor Isaphan (a wondrous palm-sized rose..

The Martha Stewart Show and the “Pies & Tarts” Book

Last Thursday I attended with my mom to The Martha Stewart Show‘s taping of her upcoming episode about the release of her new book Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts. Both the book and this episode will be released/aired on Tuesday, March 22nd. How the studio looks like As a long-time fan of Martha Stewart (started way back almost a decade and a half ago, when I was a kid and her shows used to be syndicated on CBS), this taping would be like watching your favorite [insert person's name and occupation] doing their work in front of you. She influenced..