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Restaurant Week at Bar Boulud

Taken place on July 28, 2009. Note to all of the NYC diners who want to participate RW, most are ending today, July 31st. Menu and bread and butter I’m at Bar Boulud again. It’s been a year or so since I’ve been here and think I might as well have a RW lunch because it’s relatively accessible for me and my friends, Helen and Giulia, to come over. Looking down the tunnel I know the whole concept of this restaurant is to look like a wine cellar but it always make me feel like I’m looking down a long..

Lunch at Bar Boulud & I Need Your Recommendations (for Philly)!

Bar Boulud I was in the Upper West Side for lunch on Tuesday. All in the name of Bar Boulud! In case you haven’t read through blogs and press publications, it’s a huge deal since Daniel Boulud hasn’t opened any new restaurants around here and the fact that he migrated crosstown from the Upper East Side (just try to map where most of his places are: Daniel and Cafe Boulud). (more…)