Cocktails at Pegu Club

I will complete the outing from two posts ago and will go to my Canadian weekend hopefully within a few days. Just bear with me about the latter; I’ll post up in a few days…

Pegu Club's door
Pegu’s entrance

After having a surprisingly good meal at Kasadela an hour or so earlier, we walked from Alphabet City (it’s the further eastern part of East Village) to Pegu Club. Possibly we’re dying from dehydration or a heat stroke, we passed by their doors when we walked to this place. Pegu Club almost felt like it was an exclusive cocktail bar since the door doesn’t have an address number – just their neon green lit and black insignia.

Going up the stairs...
Going up the stairs

As we entered the doors, we’re on the foyer with the stairs leading up to the actual bar, and up the way we go…

It's dark... Pegu's interior Interior

When we entered the bar, we’re pretty surprised about how this place looks quite elegant – relatively dark with Asian touches to the decor, and spacious compared to PDT. We requested table seating since there’s going to five of us – Giulia, Sophia, Beth, Helen, and I.

Pegu Club menu - Page 1 Pegu Club menu - Page 2
Cocktail Menu

Reading through the menu, I was really indecisive since I don’t really drink and most of the cocktails do sound good. So, I asked our waitress about a few of the drinks that sound interesting to me and eventually decided on the Ode to Ankarah. Onto the cocktail porn without much description…(yay! for you?)

Pisco Punch
Pisco Punch

Giulia ordered the Pisco Punch just because she loves sweet drinks and she doesn’t want anything hard or strong for the moment since she’s having issues with her stomach recently. Anyway, this was fruity, sweet, and I didn’t really taste the bitter alcohol. This cocktail was a favorite amongst the ones we all ordered – and Giulia had a total of three rounds of this cocktail since she loved it so much.

Aperol Sunset
Aperol Sunset

Beth had the Aperol Sunset which had the most prettiest bright orange color like the sunset. Very suitable for its name. I remembered this cocktail was good but I liked Giulia’s more.

Pegu Club Cocktail Pegu Club Cocktail; close up

Helen gotten herself the bar’s namesake, the Pegu Club Cocktail. I remembered it was really grapefruit-y with a hint of smokiness. This doesn’t exactly floated Helen’s boat but she made it more bearable with the flavorings that were brought to our table, namely the sugar.

"Kill Devil"
Kill Devil…

Sophia gotten herself the Kill Devil. I remembered reading the description of that drink reminded me of the Trident I had in PDT a year ago – very strong, bitter, and it tasted as deadly as it sounded. When I did take a sip of the Kill Devil, it confirmed what I thought. It’s good but I think it’s more of a masculine drink or someone who likes really strong drinks.

Ode to Ankarah
Ode to Ankarah

As you knew earlier, I had the Ode to Ankarah. This cocktail was aesthetically pretty from the yellow drink contrasting the violet floating on top. The drink itself was intensely floral since the majority was made of elderflower liquer with a end note of grapefruit, which also has a flower-y note as well. It’s nice but I guess flower-y drinks aren’t for me but I finished it anyway.

Ode to AnkarahClose up

I do like this cocktail bar a lot. It’s more like a sophisticated lounge that I don’t mind lingering for a while…that’s if I had greater alcoholic tolerance.

Pegu Club

77 W Houston St
New York, NY 10012


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  1. ChuckEats says:

    Pegu is my favorite place for drinks – anywhere. The Jamaican Firefly is amazing – their home-made ginger beer incredible. A friend and I drank over 20 of them over two nights!

  2. thewanderingeater says:

    Chuck: Really? I haven’t experienced enough bars in my 22 years of living to know as well as the fact I can’t drink that much before I’ll go into hangover mode.

    Anyway, twenty drinks in two nights?! That’s insane! I don’t think I’ll be able to move for a few days after that…

  3. hungrydru says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Pegu, too. Have you checked out Angel’s Share right next to St. Marks?

  4. ChuckEats says:

    Wandering – there might be better bars, but I’ve never drank so many of one drink over a two night period. I’m glad Pegu is not in SF!

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