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Maison Kayser in NYC

Interior of Maison Kayser and pastries in the display case Maison Kayser opened its first New York City bakery/café back in early last month. This international artisanal bakery was prevalent in Paris when I vacationed at that amazing city back in 2010 (here’s my photo set of just that bakery’s visit in Paris). Back then when I researched the numerous boulangeries (bread bakeries) and patisseries (pastry bakeries), Kayser was mainly known for baking excellent breads (which was true) and does a good job on the pastries (I didn’t get to try them in Paris, only loaves of bread). Since Kayser..

Rosé and Macarons at Ladurée for its SoHo Opening Announcement

Ladurée’s window Last Wednesday, Ladurée thrown an intimate party for a select group of VIPs to celebrate its (almost) one year anniversary and their official announcement (of the long rumored) opening in SoHo (to read more details at The New York Times’ article toward the end). Essentially, this SoHo boutique will be at the current Barolo space at 398 West Broadway (at Broome Street). It will feature the famed tea salon and pâtisserie that most of us who been to Paris knows and craves, and a large garden. Supposedly, this would be the largest flagship, even larger than their Champs-Élysées,..

Best Graduation Gift Ever from La Maison du Chocolat – Andalouise Cake

I’ve been a long time fan of La Maison du Chocolat‘s sublime French chocolates and pastries, founded by chocolatier Robert Linxe in 1977. I even had the privilege to have a tour of their factory in Paris two years ago because they were aware of my fanaticism. Even though their name does mean (when translated from French) “The Chocolate House” they are more than just chocolates, they create the most sublime and beautiful cakes, eclairs and French macarons. Since we’ve known each other for a few years shy of a decade, they’ve known of my graduation from graduate school and..

Recap Day 2 of StarChefs ICC 2011: (Almost) Pierre Hermé Day

Pierre Hermé and his assistant teaching his first workshop Day 2 of StarChefs ICC 2011 was essentially Pierre Hermé (link to his company store) day on my agenda. Despite the fact that there was a cocktail/mixology class at the same time of his workshop, nothing can replace my undying love for Monsieur Pierre Hermé’s divine pastries and legendary macarons. Seriously, if you ever go to Paris you must go to any of his boutiques (especially on rue de Vaugirard in the 15th Arrondissement) and buy his macarons and pastries. Anyway, at StarChefs ICC we’re fortunate to see the master present..

Recap of StarChefs ICC 2011 – Day 1

Judges (Ron Paparocki, Pierre Herme, Michael Laiskonis, Elizabeth Falkner) and Pre-Desserts from Day 1 of ICC’s Pastry Competition Day 1 of StarChefs ICC 2011 was really a busy, quasi-hectic day as people are beginning to settle in to the rhythms of this three-day long event. My first morning at StarChefs International Chefs Congress (ICC) was to observe the intensive work of 200 pastry chefs around the United States (and a female pastry chef from Denmark) to crank out their pre-dessert for the 2nd Annual Pastry Competition. Only 10 can go to the next round. (more…)

Ladurée in New York City

Ladurée As of the past week or so, almost everyone in the Internet, food forums to respectable food websites talked about Ladurée. In case you haven’t caught up in my Parisian travels of last year (here’s my photo set of my stops to this brand’s patisserie as they have many locations in Paris), Ladurée is where one should get their macarons or if you’re a macaron virgin, this is your baseline. For some, the gold standard. The biggest shocker to me when I walked to this boutique this morning was that it lacked their signature tea salon! If you ever..

Lady M Confections – A Jewelry Box Patisserie

Lady M’s signs and looking down the display case I decided to head up to the affluent neighborhood of the Upper East Side and indulge myself with edible jewels from Lady M Confections. It’s certainly not the first time I ever been to this Cartier-like cake display, Japanese-owned patisserie/café, except they didn’t allow photography back then but it never prevented me from adoring everything they make and sell, and the friendly staff is always a plus in my book. (more…)

What You Missed Last Night at La Maison Du Chocolat’s “La Nuit du Gâteau”

Last night was one crazy yet controlled chocoholic’s party at all three La Maison du Chocolat boutiques in New York City. The main party was the boutique in the Upper East Side on Madison Avenue, where the line for the general public to get samples of the pastry line was insanely long, going down half the block along Madison and wrapping around the corner of E 78th Street (seen here). The good things were for the people who hanged on and waited patiently, was that LMDC gave out cups of their sinfully delicious hot chocolate and if you were close..

La Maison du Chocolat – Pastries Reveal & La Nuit du Gâteau

As most of my readers know, back this past May I went to La Maison du Chocolat’s factory in Nanterre and probably remember my pastry tasting preview with their Creative Director Gilles Marchal. If you have either looked at that epic post or recalled it in your mind, I have mentioned that they’ll be bringing in their gorgeous pastries over to the United States toward the fall. Well, it is finally here. Chocolate and caramel eclairs, eclair boxes and caramel eclair innards I went to their press preview last week in their boutique and they said they are selling the..