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Lunch at Jean Georges

Taken place on September 25, 2009. I do admit I’m being terribly lazy but explaining every minute detail of my experience at Jean Georges might be a bit boring to you readers (since I wrote about them thrice already, not counting this post). I’ll let my photos to do the talking. Most of the food was very good. The memorable dishes were crab and squash blossom beignet; not the beignet itself, I found the filling poorly made (use of finely shredded crab meat and waay too much mayo) but the salad component of the dish. I never loved cherry tomatoes..

The Modern Dining Room – Tasting Menu

Taken place on September 15, 2009. Interior I felt compelled for a few years to try The Modern‘s tasting menu, after seeing Ulterior Epicure’s gorgeous photos of his experience and hearing it from a friend who did enjoy his dinner thoroughly for week before I went, I thought it’s about time to give it a whirl and go there. Tasting menu And as you read from the title, I had the tasting menu (the mid-summer seasonal tasting menu). The captain gave me a copy to follow along this meal. (more…)

Lunch at Casa Mono – Take 2

Taken place on September 4, 2009. Around the second week when Ruskie is in town, we arranged to have lunch at Casa Mono. Both of us went there before but we’d agree that it would be nice to visit there again since it’s been a while and we did like their food (in our disparate ways). Baguette & Olives in Olive Oil The baguette and olives were still the same as I remembered – not too crusty with fluffy crumb and the olives were still briny while the olive oil gave it additional richness. (more…)

Tasting Lunch at Gramercy Tavern

Eaten back on September 2nd, 2009. (I’m working on it…) Dining Room Interior I have to admit, if I haven’t said it yet, I love Gramercy Tavern. It has the casual, down-home earthiness yet it’s innovative of what one would expect from fancy pants fare. The service is great, as expected from a Danny Meyer institution, and I absolutely love their food. They haven’t steered me wrong from the multiple times I’ve eaten here and ever since Executive Chef Michael Anthony helmed the kitchen. I went to their dining room for the tasting lunch. Back when I ate here (on..

One of the Last Few Lunches to be Served at Cafe Boulud

Renovations underway soon… If you do follow the food blogs Eater or The Feedbag for the past few weeks, Cafe Boulud is going to be closed for renovations on August 16th. They’re hoping to open around September 21st, according to John Winterman, the maître d’ of Cafe Boulud. I thought I might as well have one of their last few lunch services before they’ll close down for the rest of the summer. Yes, they’re still participating Restaurant Week until today, Friday, 8/14. Last meal of service is dinner tomorrow evening, 8/15. The last time you’ll see the interior like this..

Lunch at Tocqueville

Taken place on July 23, 2009. I’ve went to Tocqueville toward what’s supposedly the last few days of Restaurant Week. The thing to know is, Tocqueville has a year-round prix fixe for the same price. I went there just because it’s close to where a friend of mine works (I wanted to say “hi” to him.), I wanted to try a certain dish that’s available a la carte, and I haven’t been to this restaurant after it moved from its previous location over two years ago. Interior The small yet elegant dining room was occupied by a few gentlemen behind..

Restaurant Week at Bar Boulud

Taken place on July 28, 2009. Note to all of the NYC diners who want to participate RW, most are ending today, July 31st. Menu and bread and butter I’m at Bar Boulud again. It’s been a year or so since I’ve been here and think I might as well have a RW lunch because it’s relatively accessible for me and my friends, Helen and Giulia, to come over. Looking down the tunnel I know the whole concept of this restaurant is to look like a wine cellar but it always make me feel like I’m looking down a long..

Lunch at the Tavern in Gramercy Tavern

Taken place on March 5, 2009. Interior of the Tavern, left, and Exec Chef Michael Anthony During the week when half of my lab is out to conference in the West Coast, I managed to relax a bit to have lunch at Gramercy Tavern. It also helps with timing, since I have to use their gift certificate that was given out during Restaurant Week in February. Not wanting to bother with spending a whole lot of money and time in the formal portion of the restaurant, I opted to dine at the tavern room. Oddly enough, I spotted Executive Chef..

Dealing with the Crowd During Restaurant Week – Gramercy Tavern

My hot cider and the mob I’ve remembered reading from The Feedbag about the insane line that people had to wait in order to get in during Restaurant Week. Well, I became one of those nut jobs except the good part was that the line wasn’t that long (I was the third person/group seated) and yes, I did get some hot cider about three minutes prior to the actual opening. At least it made my insides a bit warm after standing out in the fairly cold weather for 15 minutes. Frankly, I was expecting worse. (more…)