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Dinner at Prune

Papadum with Prune’s menus & Interior Last night, I figured to have dinner with a my friends last night at Prune. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve been to this excellent restaurant for dinner (I’m a long time fan for brunch) so I came armed with my camera and the Weryoo app to share my photos. Weryoo is a new photo sharing community that allows you to pin/locate where you’ve taken your photos, given the fact you’ve allowed your camera or any photo taking app (if you’re not using Weryoo’s camera directly) with the locate function on. It’s fun..

Excellent Thai at Zabb Elee in East Village

On the sweltering 4th of July, we went to Zabb Elee for dinner. It seemed apt to have Thai food since Thailand tend to have the hot, humid weather almost all year round and their cuisine would adapt well to the climate. Also we craved a vibrant, robust flavored meal. Zaab Elee was lauded by many food enthusiasts and food writers like Dave Cook (who wrote for The New York Times) so we presumed this wouldn’t disappoint. We came in with high expectations and they haven’t proved us wrong. So here’s what we ate… (more…)

Dinner at Cafecito

Interior and the bar Cafecito is located out in the Alphabet City section of East Village. It’s a homey yet festive restaurant that focuses on very good Cuban food. Drinks We started with a strong yet fruity mango margarita ($7) and a Materva ($4), a non-alcoholic yerba mate soda. The soda is sweet, herbaceous and grassy. (more…)

Matilda Restaurant

Some of the interior I have grown a fondness and respect Mexican cuisine ever since I went to Cabo last summer. I do admit, I don’t normally make my way out to Alphabet City of East Village but a friend suggested heading out to Matilda. Matilda is a small, family owned restaurant that claims to be a Mexican-Tuscan restaurant. The menu reads mostly Mexican cuisine with very subtle nuances of Italian but nevertheless, a guest and I went head-on to eat some of their dishes. Appetizers & salad: Chicken taquitos (the day’s special), Quesadilla with mozarella, shrimp, corn and epazote..

Dinner at The Meatball Factory

Meatball Factory (exterior), At the bar, Menu A few nights ago I had dinner at The Meatball Factory with a friend. When I heard that this particular restaurant opened a couple of months ago, I initially dismissed it as another meatball restaurant who is chasing the popularity of its antecedent. I don’t normally really crave meatballs but the bone-freezing, windy evening that it was and my friend and I were in the neighborhood, we gave it a try. Top to bottom: The spread, Turducken meatballs, ‘Cluck, Cluck’ meatballs & Sauce samplers We ended up ordering a huge amount since we’re..

Ramen at Misoya (Before I Head Out to Chicago)

A few days ago, I had a very filling lunch at Misoya Ramen with a friend. I’ve read around Chowhound that this ramen newcomer might be comparable to my favorite ramen restaurant Ippudo. Since I love to eat a soul warming bowl of ramen during the chilly Monday we had here, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea before I head out to my vacation to Chicago. This small, narrow restaurant was already packed with diners slurping their fairly large bowls of ramen. This sparked hopes that it’s actually pretty darn good. Interior wise, it’s pretty simple and almost austere..

Sharing Sunday Lunch at Momofuku Ssäm Bar with My Parents and Another Contest

Momofuku Ssäm Bar: Front door, weekend lunch menu, the open kitchen My past week was relatively stressful with final papers for grad school and work. Since the holidays were coming very soon and I’m finished with my semester’s work, I thought of taking my parents out for Sunday lunch to Momofuku Ssäm Bar. Though probably some of you are aware that I’ve been to David Chang’s original restaurant a number of times (his restaurant empire has expanded to the other three locations in Manhattan, one in Sydney, Australia and one soon to be opened in Toronto, Canada in 2012), it’s..

Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats at Astor Center

Whole Beast Butchery with Ryan Farr at Astor Center, NYC & his knives & tools to break down an animal Ryan Farr, the owner/head butcher of 4505 Meats taught for one night at Astor Center this past Wednesday. To those of you who aren’t too familiar with Mr. Farr recently released his book Whole Beast Butchery. It’s a handy guide that includes step-by-step photos of how to butcher a whole animal and he’s one of the premier butchers out in San Francisco, California. The whole 3.5 month lamb – minus a leg The agenda of the evening is to learn..

Jane’s Sweet Buns in East Village – Robust, Liquor-Infused Pastries

Bakery front, Neon sign, and Interior A little more than a week ago, Jane’s Sweet Buns opened its doors to the public, baking cocktail inspired pastries and cakes and serving it to the public. Cienfuegos mixologist, Jane Danger is the red-headed temptress behind these goods and yes, she can bake very well. (I’ll get into detail a little later.) Born and raised in the Midwest and learned how to bake by Martha Stewart, she hit her stride over the years baking cakes for friends and recently, adding liquor to make more interesting to adults. (more…)