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Thanksgiving Dinner – Our First Turducken

Thanksgiving came and went this year. I’ve celebrated this food-filled holiday with my family starting with the traditional New York breakfast of smoked salmon and piping hot, fresh bagels from my local bagel shop, and some delectable pastries and tarts from the fantastic bakery Breads Bakery. (more…)

Thanksgiving Sweets and Breads from Breads Bakery

For people who wants dessert and excellent loaves bread on the Thanksgiving table Breads Bakery should be one of your options. This Thanksgiving, Breads debuted the chocolate babka pie ($35). If you had ever came across their magnificent chocolate babka, they essentially shaped this into a pie pan. I could make an excuse not to have the standard pumpkin or apple pie just because this babka is sweet and incredibly delicious. The seeded challah wreath is a great alternative to dinner or Parker rolls since it has this nuanced sweetness and the heavily seeded (poppy, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower) braided..

Thanksgiving 2013 – Roasted Aioli Turkey, Braised Pork Belly, Tomahawk Steak, Cranberries, Scallion Biscuits & Many More

The meats of the night: Roasted aioli turkey, Grilled Pat LaFrieda tomahawk ribeye steak, braised pork belly (东坡肉) Thanksgiving in my family always mean to go big or don’t bother trying to cook. I mean, it’s the holidays so there’s no need to heed to our waistlines and calories and just enjoy the food. My brother wanted a roasted turkey so I remembered reading from Thomas Keller’s mayonnaise turkey several years ago and thought this might be a good time to experiment this idea. I dry-brine the turkey first and made my own mayonnaise. It’s made with egg yolks, Dijon..

Thanksgiving 2012 at Home

Part of my Thanksgiving table and Schiltz Foods’ uncooked frozen geese products My family has a tradition of being unconventional for any non-Chinese holiday so we tend to experiment our menus beyond the standard turkey as of recent years. This year I opted to try out a family-owned geese producer Schiltz Foods‘ for their amazing geese products and their smoked goose was the star of our dinner table in lieu of the turkey. Here’s what we cooked, baked, drank and ate this Thanksgiving (with a few recipes with the geese products toward the end)… (more…)

My Decadent Thanksgiving Dinner – Foie Gras and Truffle-Centric

My dining room, foie gras torchon with pomegranate and cocoa, and black truffle bacon brussels sprouts This year’s Thanksgiving dinner was the most over-the-top decadence as my menu was not based on American traditions whatsoever. If you have to think about it, it reads French than any other cuisine. (I have admitted in the past, I am a Francophile.) Sous vide meets foie gras The menu focused mainly on the truffles I had from Gourmet Attitude and my recent acquisitions of SousVide Supreme Water Oven and Vacuum Sealer and the extraordinary Hudson Valley Foie Gras. The SousVide Supreme water oven..

Thanksgiving Desserts & A Bit of Dinner

Around the beginning of November, my mom told me one morning that she wanted me to bake desserts for Thanksgiving. This wasn’t news to me since I’ve been baking desserts for my family over a decade. She requested a cheesecake (again, nothing new) and she wanted to indulge herself with a key lime pie. I rolled my eyes and said, “Sure. Just get me some ingredients that we don’t have in the house. I have the chocolate for the cheesecake.” She replied, “Chocolate? For the cheesecake?” I said, “Yes, I want to change things up. I’m tired of making the..