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StarChefs 2013 – 1st Annual Smoke@ICC & International Culinary Congress (ICC)

SuperPier – Venue of 2013’s StarChefs’ ICC This year’s StarChefs took place at the SuperPier (last year). The venue has a lot of character like large steel shipping containers suspended in mid-air and exposed brick walls. This year’s theme “Guts & Gory” seems to fit this venue – rustic, unfinished space to have a sophisticated industry four-day event – that’s if you include their public kickoff event, Smoke@ICC. (This was my third year attending this amazing event. You may read through my experiences for 2012 and 2011.) Gorgeous day to have a BBQ; Various plates at StarChefs’ Smoke@ICC Smoke@ICC was..

StarChefs ICC 2012 and StarChefs/PromPeru’s Dinner at Raymi

Chef Hooni Kim of Danji and his dish Yook Hwe This year’s StarChefs ICC 2012 was a short one for me personally, as I was only able to attend to the first day of this fun food symposium. That said, I still learned quite a bit from the several hours watching prominent chefs lecturing and demonstrating their ideas and techniques and it’s still an honor to cover their event. Chef Hooni Kim of Danji demonstrated his dish Yook Hwe, essentially a Korean-style beef tartare except made with exceptionally silky Australian wagyu beef instead of locally raised beef he normally uses..

Best Meals and Moments in 2011

2011 have been a whirlwind for me (in a good way). A few trips outside of New York City. Many food events that I never imagine I could ever eat my way through. The many people I’ve met through the year – familiar faces, new acquaintances and partnerships. I am very close to finishing graduate school. I am thankful for the many people who supported me this year – family, friends, and many others – personally and professionally. Here are my best meals and moments in 2011. It’s in no particular order, just meals that I thought were astonishingly delicious..

Recap Day 2 of StarChefs ICC 2011: (Almost) Pierre Hermé Day

Pierre Hermé and his assistant teaching his first workshop Day 2 of StarChefs ICC 2011 was essentially Pierre Hermé (link to his company store) day on my agenda. Despite the fact that there was a cocktail/mixology class at the same time of his workshop, nothing can replace my undying love for Monsieur Pierre Hermé’s divine pastries and legendary macarons. Seriously, if you ever go to Paris you must go to any of his boutiques (especially on rue de Vaugirard in the 15th Arrondissement) and buy his macarons and pastries. Anyway, at StarChefs ICC we’re fortunate to see the master present..