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Universal Noodle Ramen Nagi (Taipei, Taiwan)

Taipei has an abundance of soup and noodle shops but once in a while I do crave a good bowl ramen and based on what I’ve heard from friends, Universal Noodle Ramen Nagi Nagi quickly became one of the most popular Japanese ramen chains in Taipei. They offer more customization than other ramen restaurants by giving their customers a menu where their personal, desired choices can be circled. They offer four different pork soup bases and a fifth limited soup base that changes weekly. Their four pork soup bases are: Butao King (豚王): award winning tonkotsu pork broth prepared in..

Amazing Dinner at Mokbar (NYC)

Entrance to Mŏk bar and Counter bar seating and open kitchen This past weekend, we headed to Mokbar located in Chelsea Market, right across Los Tacos No. 1. It was one of those wet, rainy evenings that my dining companion and I craved a comforting bowl of noodles and maybe more. This restaurant, on the surface, looks like most ramen bars around Manhattan but what really makes them stick out is their push on traditional Korean fare but utilize Japanese ramen noodles to use it as a vehicle for familiarity. In other words, since most New Yorkers know what ramen..

Dinner at Mechanko Tei

*Note: All photos on this post are all taken with my iPhone 5.* Karaniku Tofu Recently, I went out with a friend for dinner at Menchanko Tei in Midtown East. This narrow, two story restaurant has a sturdy customer base of Japanese business people, where four beach-ball-sized round paper lanterns hover over the dining room, large color photos of Japanese street scenes decorate the walls, and the cooks are hidden in the basement kitchen. This restaurant may not be the hottest ramen restaurant in NYC but it serves authentic bowls of ramen. We started with deep fried karaniku tofu ($5.75)..

Ippudo Midtown West (NYC)

Ippudo Midtown West: Exterior, the U-shaped bar dining area, Part of the specialties menu The ramen craze hasn’t slowed down ever since a few Japanese restaurants started importing to Manhattan for the past few years. Ippudo (finally) opened their second location in Midtown West (specifically, Hell’s Kitchen) about a month ago and the noodle crazed tourists, hungry business people, and New Yorkers been cramming into this moderately small restaurant ever since. From my experience of waiting and dining there last night, the wait time is generally not as bad as their East Village location (one of my earlier experiences down..

Yuji Ramen at Whole Foods Smorgasburg

Yuji Ramen’s counter; Cold soba teas and Tsukemono pickles Whole Foods Smorgasburg recently chose Yuji Ramen, owned by Chef Yuji Haraguchi, as part of their pop-up vendor. I’m excited as my Asian self loves ramen, especially on chilly winter-like days we’re having here. Having lunch there on Saturday afternoon with a friend, we started with cups of cold soba tea ($2 each) and share a small bamboo boat of Tsukemono pickles ($3). The tea vaguely reminds me of genmaicha from the subtle toasty, nutty flavors in the tea. The pickles were the nukazuke variety consisting of gently briny cucumber, carrots,..

Ramen at Misoya (Before I Head Out to Chicago)

A few days ago, I had a very filling lunch at Misoya Ramen with a friend. I’ve read around Chowhound that this ramen newcomer might be comparable to my favorite ramen restaurant Ippudo. Since I love to eat a soul warming bowl of ramen during the chilly Monday we had here, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea before I head out to my vacation to Chicago. This small, narrow restaurant was already packed with diners slurping their fairly large bowls of ramen. This sparked hopes that it’s actually pretty darn good. Interior wise, it’s pretty simple and almost austere..

An Early Birthday Dessert and Dinner: Dessert Club Chikalicious and Minca (Part 1)

[Note: I’m splitting one night of fooding into two parts. You’ll find out where it is on the next post or if you’ve already checked out my Flickr photostream a while ago, you know it regardless.] Last Monday I’ve planned to celebrate Helen’s birthday early. It’s warm enough and hell, it’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone besides my co-workers and family. I don’t have issues with either parties but it’s nice to see friends whom you love, no? Also the fact that I’ve planned to have brunch with Robyn the weekend of Helen’s actual birthday, so I’d rather..

Lunch at Ippudo & Pinisi

I’m slowly getting back into the groove of writing my belated posts to you since I’m currently “researching” my article. In other words, eating stuff, taking photos, etc. So, here’s food outing that occurred two weeks ago. Helen and I were chatting online during the morning at work, scheming what we want to eat for lunch. A while back I mentioned about a ramen place that opened in the East Village and I wanted to check it out. Since Helen loves noodles, she jumped at the chance and agreed to eat with me at Ippudo! Ippudo! (more…)