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Patisserie Tomoko (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Patisserie Tomoko is a relatively new bakery and dessert bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The proprietor Chef Tomoko Kato, who helped open a favorite Japanese tea and dessert house (at least for me) in East Village, Cha-An, who bridges the Japanese and French influences into pastries. The space itself feels futuristic with the large U-shaped bar yet cozy from the warm blonde wood. One half of the bar is the bakery take-out section while the other half is for the dessert bar, where there are mid-back stools that line up lets you peer at the chef plating and creating the desserts..

Dinner at Convivio

Pre-dinner non-alcoholic drink A friend of mine, Michael wanted to dine at 1* Michelin restaurants as of recent. Of that list, the one we mutually wanted to go for dinner was Convivio. Making reservations relatively last minute, I cannot get prime reservations (say 7 or 8 PM) on a Friday night and ended up going to an earlier time at 6:30 PM. As both of us arrived from the restaurant early, we sat around the bar and lounge area. I had a non-alcoholic version of the Negroni and Michael had the real Negroni. My mocktail was good. It’s made of..

Lunch at Del Posto

It’s been three years since I ate at Del Posto. Back then, it was still considered an ambitious restaurant with its grand space with an enoteca, a sort of bar/lounge space that’s considered the casual portion of the restaurant, co-owned by superstar chefs Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich, and her son, Joseph Bastianich. In winter 2009, Del Posto renovated the space to get rid of the enoteca and make it as luxurious as the dining room itself with a greater ambition to get the coveted 4-star rating from the NY Times. Since then, I haven’t been to Del Posto as my..

Lunch at SHO Shaun Hergatt

I have been reading around the Interwebs recently and thought about where I can get lunch, I ended up reserving a seat at SHO Shaun Hergatt on Friday. I know it’s quite a distance from where I work and frankly, I don’t eat around the Financial District since I get lost in that neighborhood and there aren’t that many notable restaurants. But I have read good (and a few mixed) reviews on this restaurant, I thought I might as well try to quench that curiosity and try out their food. Interior: Corridor to Dining Room, Dining Room, Kitchen View (more…)

Momofuku Ssäm Bar for lunch

Mini burger, CHOMPED A few weekends ago, I’ve went to brunch with Robyn, Kåre, Alex, and K at Dumont Burger (that’s their burger on the photo above) a few weekends ago (click here for my photo set) I’m not writing about them since it’s covered by Robyn. (To keep it short and sweet about the burger, the beef patty is tasty but the ciabatta bun ain’t working for me.) During brunch, Robyn and K has spoken about the awesomeness of Momofuku Ssäm Bar‘s prix fixe lunch. Thinking about it, it’s been about a year since I’ve eaten there and thought..

Cheecake at Birdbath & Lunch at Fiamma

Notes: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m approximately a week behind what I should be blogging about. Somehow after finishing school, I’m becoming a lazy bum, just procrastinating the inevitable task of writing a post. Anyways, this is a post that’s taken place last Tuesday. If you want to jump to the review of my lunch at Fiamma, click here. Somehow, I went backwards that I started my afternoon with dessert. A decadent, dense one in fact: a chocolate cheesecake at Birdbath. Birdbath’s pastries and COOKIES! (more…)

A Civilized, Casual Lunch at The Maze at the London

On Tuesday, I went to the London Hotel trying to get a taste of what Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen is capable of. Beyond his brash TV personality, he is an accoladed chef in London (the only person to have 3 stars in Guide Michelin, I’m talking about the original French guide, not the controversial New York guide that has a few food writers boiling). I’ve read a lot of good things about the The Maze saying that it has pretty delicious food and the service trumps The Bar Room at the Modern recently from reading the Chowhound boards, I might as..

Eating Lunch Like Royalty at Jean Georges

When I ate this particular lunch at Jean Georges on Tuesday, I realized my blog’s birthday is a year and two days old (if you include the time when I was at Blogger and I moved to my current address here)…it’s just beginning to crawl to its infant stage and hopefully progresses to grow to a slightly normal child. I said “slightly normal” because it’s a food obsessed child. Well, I guess it’s my unintentional splurge birthday present to my blog. Even though, I’m actually the one who is physically eating the food. But still “Happy Birthday!” to my blog...