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Maison Kayser’s King Cake (Galette des Rois) in NYC

The King Cake from Maison Kayser Despite the fact Epiphany passed (it was on January 6th), Maison Kayer still has their delectable king cake at their bakeries in New York City until Sunday, February 2nd. (This pastry does go by other French names galette des rois, gâteau du rois, and others.) As some of you are aware, I’m not a stranger to Maison Kayser, even when I ate my way through Paris before the bakery came here stateside and back then I was enamored by the fine quality of their breads. When they finally came to New York City and..

Rosé and Macarons at Ladurée for its SoHo Opening Announcement

Ladurée’s window Last Wednesday, Ladurée thrown an intimate party for a select group of VIPs to celebrate its (almost) one year anniversary and their official announcement (of the long rumored) opening in SoHo (to read more details at The New York Times’ article toward the end). Essentially, this SoHo boutique will be at the current Barolo space at 398 West Broadway (at Broome Street). It will feature the famed tea salon and pâtisserie that most of us who been to Paris knows and craves, and a large garden. Supposedly, this would be the largest flagship, even larger than their Champs-Élysées,..

Corton – An Extended Tasting Menu for My Birthday

Corton’s Exterior, Interior, and my birthday Champagne toast For those of you who followed me over the years, notably on Twitter, it’s not a secret that I ate at Corton around the same date back in 2008. Pretty much, I live tweeted through that dinner as I learned back then, unexpectedly and to my own distress, photographs of any kind was banned. From my own memory, I recalled beautiful plates of food served to me. It was generally good but can’t pinpoint exactly what really blew my mind. Fast forward to several days ago, I made the visit again for..

Jacques Genin: French Caramels and Millefeuille Heaven

This is a continuation from my Parisian vacation that took place in late May 2010. Menu on the window Monsieur Jacques Genin, how I have read so many good things about you. I have read you have ruined people after they ate your made-to-order millefeuilles and your exquisite caramels. Oh, the temptation…and I cannot resist delectable sweets. I made a pre-dinner (yet to be reviewed) stop during the late afternoon after extensive shopping with HC. (more…)

Dinner at Chez L’Ami Jean

This is a continuation from my first day in Paris, on May 25, 2010. In case you haven’t read the first part, please click here. HC and I ended our little shopping spree from Grande Epicerie de Paris about at an hour early to head over to Chez L’Ami Jean, headed by Stéphane Jego. Chez L’Ami Jean When we arrived, it seems a bit too desolate that I almost thought we’re in the wrong restaurant. Admittedly, our dinner reservation is considered early for Parisians, as it was about 7:45 PM by the time we arrived but we went in and..

French Invasion at P.S. 1 Contemporary Arts Center in L.I.C. – The good and the bad

Originally taken place on September 26, 2009. Inside Le Fooding About a month or so prior to the Le Fooding event at P.S. 1, almost every major website (like NY Times’ Dining Journal and Serious Eats) wrote about them, pretty much bringing a lot of hype, arguably speaking, to this particular weekend. I was psyched to get some tickets for two main reasons: it was inexpensive ($30 for general admission) and you get to taste some food that’s not from the NYC area. Things is, when we (as in Helen, Seungmi, Michael and I) got there in person with our..

La Maison du Chocolat's Opening Party

[I’m interrupting the dinner portion of my belated birthday post. Hopefully, it’ll be up early next week.] The invite… Early last week I’ve received an invitation from La Maison du Chocolat. I thought “ZOMG!” If you haven’t known this by now, I love everything from LMDC, especially their chocolates, so it’s a reflex for me to RSVP. But I have to wonder, isn’t this considered bad timing to open a new luxurious boutique in this awful state of our economy? I wouldn’t know but I can’t say “no” a party. After work, I’ve hauled my butt from work (with Helen..

Lunch at Bar Boulud & I Need Your Recommendations (for Philly)!

Bar Boulud I was in the Upper West Side for lunch on Tuesday. All in the name of Bar Boulud! In case you haven’t read through blogs and press publications, it’s a huge deal since Daniel Boulud hasn’t opened any new restaurants around here and the fact that he migrated crosstown from the Upper East Side (just try to map where most of his places are: Daniel and Cafe Boulud). (more…)

My Last Goodbye to Bouchon Bakery, Tacos, and French Pastries

Last Wednesday, when most of my finals were pretty much finished, I had breakfast Bouchon Bakery for the very last time. Yes. It’s time for me to give up the days where the photogenic (albeit a tad pricey) pastries are my usual go-to since I’m graduating. What I ended up commemorating this place were their wonderful bacon and cheddar chive scone and a cream cheese, orange marmalade danish. Bacon & Cheddar Chive Scone (more…)