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Pierre Hermé Pastries – Book Review

Pierre Hermé Pastries Pierre Hermé Pastries by Pierre Hermé, published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang. Is probably the most talked about dessert cookbook of 2012 after reading through a number of tweets from the food community. Inside the book There is substance behind this hype. This 288-page book is one of my favorite dessert cookbooks I’ve gotten my hands on as of recent. Pierre Hermé fanatics (like me) and home bakers who want to get a taste of Hermé’s genius or want to get a vivid reminder of eating his divine pastries from his boutiques in Paris, London or Tokyo,..

Holiday Sweets Gift Guide 2011

Here’s the next edition of the holiday gift guide: it’s all about sweets. Chocolates, cakes, cookies, confections, and ice cream. Hopefully, you won’t go into a sugar high by just looking at the photos but these are a number of notable sweets that I like a lot. Have thoughts of other brands or sweets I should try? Please comment below and I might consider in the near future. A quick refresher as to how to look through this gift guide: Your computer/mobile device has to be capable of viewing Flash. (iPad and iPhone users, please view the PDF version of..

Lady M Confections – A Jewelry Box Patisserie

Lady M’s signs and looking down the display case I decided to head up to the affluent neighborhood of the Upper East Side and indulge myself with edible jewels from Lady M Confections. It’s certainly not the first time I ever been to this Cartier-like cake display, Japanese-owned patisserie/café, except they didn’t allow photography back then but it never prevented me from adoring everything they make and sell, and the friendly staff is always a plus in my book. (more…)

François Chocolate Bar – Still In Preview Phase, Pretty Much

I read about a week ago from Grub Street about Payard re-opening and ogled at their dessert menu. I am a sucker for desserts and Payard’s is no exception. I was shocked when they did have to close their Lexington Avenue restaurant/café the past June or so and it’s about time for us Payard fans to rejoice and have his desserts and chocolates. On the day of opening (yesterday, November 4th), I went there with Helen after work. I was curious and dying to have a good cup of hot chocolate since it was cold and I craved for a..

Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery

[I’m holding back on writing about Kuma Inn after this post…] The past Saturday, November 15th, I met up with Helen and Dannie to try out as many things as our stomach can handle at Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery after reading Ed’s preview and seeing a few friends’ photos (they went in early for the Friends & Family preview), I’m salivating at the thought of eating there. So, I proposed to meet up at 11 AM for the sake of avoiding the crowds. Menu Despite the fact that it was rainy and early (in terms of the sleepyheads for..

A Sampling of Desserts at Bouchon Bakery, Shake Shack, and Mitzy’s Awesome Macarons

[I’m supposed to write about my brunch with Helen at Shopsin’s that took place two Saturdays ago but I don’t feel like it. I’ll post it once it’s ready to go…] Last Thursday when I gotten my free sandwich from AQ Kafe, I walked over two blocks to the Time Warner Building to visit Bouchon Bakery for something sweet to cap off my lunch. When I peered in their refrigerated pastry case, I saw something I haven’t eaten since I was a wee lass, Ho-Hos. That’s one fancy Ho-ho… (more…)

Fooding in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Three Saturdays ago I did have an intense fooding day since I went to the Big Apple BBQ 2008 with Giulia during the early afternoon (which I’m not going to write since everyone wrote about this eons ago and ate a lot more than I had, just Google it and you get a lot of hits) but you may look at my photos for that outing. As for the second leg of this fooding excursion, I finally went out to Brooklyn! Park Slope to be more specific. It’s been ages since I went to this borough just because it’s a..

Terroir Wine Bar and Desserts at the Dessert Truck

Terroir Several weeks ago, I had a light dinner with a bunch of girl friends, Giulia, Helen, and Sarah at Terroir. We figured going out to a funky, affordable wine bar that won’t break the bank since a few of us are still in school and we don’t want to go broke for one night of fun. (more…)