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Lunch from Taïm Mobile Truck

Taïm is my favorite and often mentioned falaferie in NYC and have been eating there for years off-the-record (as in not photographed/blogged). Something’s in those crispy orbs of ground chickpeas are magical (possibly crack?); it’s not dense nor greasy. Their smoothies lean on the unusual side when it comes to flavors (for me, it’s a good thing) such as strawberry and Thai basil or their signature flavor, date, lime and banana. Around spring of 2010, I read around that Taïm’s rolling out their food truck. When I read that, I can imagine every Taïm fan in New York City rejoicing..

A Cheap Eats Post – Taïm & Pio Pio

During the last week of May I ate with a budget on mind since I’m eating with friends who are on a budget. I mean, these two meals definitely went under $20 per person. Interested? Read on… Our beverages (more…)

Fro-Yoing for Gotham Digest & Dinner at Taïm

As some of you might know, I’ve done a few things for the upcoming debut of Gotham Digest. No, they’re not ready yet until May. If they’re up and running, I’ll let you know and show some love and support to me and my freelancing employer! Frozen yogurt was the chosen topic by the assistant editor so I’m out to try out five different places for fro-yo. Since I wasn’t able to stomach all of that. I invited Helen, Ariel, Seungmi, Julie, and Joo He on this fro-yo expedition of finding the best. THE WINNER! (more…)

Fooding with Friends on My Last Day of Classes! (Taïm and Graffiti)

Last Saturday was officially my last day of school. No more classes. No more quizzes, papers, and tests! Good riddance…at least for now. I’m giving myself a break from school for a year. Get a real job (but still go out eating, of course) and then go through the madness of applications of either law school or grad school. To kind of celebrate this event, I asked several friends to have lunch with me at Taïm. Seungmi was in the city before the supposed time where all of us should meet, I hanged out with her, browsing through a few..