Photo FAQs, Photographer for Hire

Here’s the page to what most of you are intrigued about: my photos, photo usage and the camera I use and used.

If you just want to see food porn (most of it are), just go to my Flickr photostream or just click here to subscribe my RSS feed of the most recent photos uploaded.

Photo Usage:

For any use whatsoever you MUST contact me by e-mail: wanderingeater AT gmail DOT com. Don’t use first and tell me later or never. I won’t bite unless you don’t follow protocol.
For those of you who are fellow food bloggers (not-for-profit use), PLEASE e-mail me and if I allow you to do so, please properly credit me and link back my blog or the actual Flickr photo. The preferred credit format would be:

Tina Wong, The Wandering Eater

as a caption. When you do publish with my photo, please inform me.

Restaurant, Food & Food Event Photography

I am available photographing restaurants from behind the scenes (which I personally find it a lot more fun) to the food itself; food events and food products. My rates are reasonable and willing to negotiate depending upon the job. Any chefs, restaurant owners, restaurant/food publicists, and managers interested, please e-mail me: wanderingeater [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

Camera I Use

The most frequently asked question I’ve received over the years of my blogging, the camera I use is a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon EF 24-70 L USM lens, since May 2009.

Food Photography Tips

I am receiving a lot of e-mails recently about my photography tips. Thank you all for loving my photos! But, I don’t have time to write you back because I am too busy to write my two cents about this topic. Instead of repeating what has been said out on the Internet, I will point you to these websites that have great tips:

The Kitchn’s interview with 3 professional food photographers: Andrew Scrivani, Michael Natkin, and Sabra Krock

Pioneer Woman’s general food photography tips she learned over the years

BlogHer’s list of tips from various food bloggers and photographers

Hope these sites could assist you to taking better food photos!