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A Humorous Tidbit During Lunch…

I know I’m supposed to owe you guys my belated post about last Friday’s fooding…that’s if you saw my Flickr photos ever since the weekend. I apologize since I’m technically waiting for Robyn‘s photos of that evening since a few of mine suck (as in blurry) and I actually forgot to take a photo of a dish we had. Gasp! :O So, I need to borrow a few of her photos. Just give me another day or two and I’ll post it up. Hopefully. Moving on… In case I haven’t told you, I’m recently employed to Sloan-Kettering in the Upper..

An Upper East Side Brunch at DavidBurke & Donatella and a Cappuccino in Sicaffe

The past Saturday Ariel and I went out to brunch at DavidBurke & Donatella. Why in the world would I go to the Upper East Side for brunch? Well, he’s been bugging me about eating there ever since the Momofuku dinner back several weeks ago. I know if his food lovin’ heart is set on something, I have no choice but to tag along and be his dining companion. But then I found out the day before our brunch, he got a cold. And he still wanted to go there! Now, that’s dedication. Brunch menu cover (more…)

A Delicious Lunch at Café Sabarsky

Those of you who have read my earlier posts around December, I wanted to go to Café Sabarsky for lunch. However the extremely long wait due to the fact that it was 12:30 and it was the holiday season, it was packed with people and I was about to faint from hunger. So, today I managed to get to eat there for lunch (finally!). I arrived there at 11:05 and I was hungry (I ate breakfast at 6 AM, mind you). Basically, you just enter the doors to the Neue Gallery and they check your bags and you enter Café..