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The Tang (NYC)

A recent dinner with a few friends at The Tang in East Village, we were pretty surprised how good this very small Szechuan restaurant is. It’s essentially a narrow restaurant that have about seven two-tops and a four top right behind the compact open kitchen that’s up at the front end of the restaurant. We started off with a smattering of (cold) small plates. The tofu dishes – Naughty tofu and Sesame tofu – were very tasty. For the ones who are sensitive to chili heat, the sesame tofu is your best bet. Cold, soft tofu wading in a large..

Very Good Dinner at Salinas (NYC)

Salinas is a tapas restaurant in Chelsea, conveniently located a few blocks north of Chelsea Market, that actually serves very good Spanish fare. The type of Spanish cuisine Chef Luis Bollo cooks is trendy but not much of the molecular or modernist techniques involved. It’s real cooking that explores Galician-style Spanish food and most of the dishes we had were very good and some were excellent. When we entered to the bar area, it’s a tight space and not exactly the most appealing place to hang around despite of being surrounded by the artsy or cool people. But once we..

Dinner at Cheu Noodle Bar (Philadelphia, PA)

Cheu Noodle Bar exterior; header of the menu; interior of the restaurant and the unique lamps hanging over the bar Cheu Noodle Bar is a very new restaurant located in Washington Square West neighborhood in Philly that is owned by two friends, chef Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh. This restaurant started out with pop-up dinners and the restaurant came into full fruition in April. This narrow, 30-seat restaurant has red painted walls and one being shellacked with squiggly instant ramen bricks behind clear plastic with a collage wall above it, containing Chinese good luck phrases and what seemed like randomly..