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Food Shopping Like A Parisian: Arnaud Demontel & Strolling Through The Parisian Open Air Market

When you read books (like David Lebovitz’s memoir on his experiences in Paris) or talk to the French about where they shop for food, namely their daily baguette, they say stick within one’s arrondissment. Taking that idea, I found out that HC and I were staying very close to Arnaud Delmontel and it was our quick breakfast destination for two days straight. What makes Demontel notable was the fact that they won 1st place for their baguette (La meilleure baguette de Paris) in 1997. Rolling myself out of bed in a zombie-like mindset because of the need to start sightseeing..

A Chocoholic’s Dream: A Day with La Maison du Chocolat Factory Tour & Pastry Tasting with Gilles Marchal

The day I went to La Maison du Chocolat‘s factory in Nanterre, I thought I was Charlie from Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” The obvious differences were that I am an adult woman and I will not get a lifetime supply of chocolate (sadly). I would be, however, be bestowed by the presence of La Maison du Chocolat’s Creative Director, Gilles Marchal for pretty much the entire day. Think of it as a fashion equivalent of meeting Chanel’s current head designer/creative director, Karl Lagerfield. Both design their products for their luxury brand, collaborate with the heads of their individual..

Luxurious Lunch at Ledoyen

In NYC, I have my fair share of lavish dining: Eleven Madison Park, the lunch tasting menu at The Modern Dining Room, Jean Georges, and Marea. All were very good to excellent experiences but frankly, I’m getting bored with NYC fine dining. The restaurants that I’ve went to over the span of a few years pretty much kept the menu almost the same except configuring the flavors according to season. In other words, I’m a jaded New Yorker and the fine dining scene here is getting monotonous. I’ve asked the good people of France Chowhound what three-star Michelin restaurant in..

Dinner at Chez L’Ami Jean

This is a continuation from my first day in Paris, on May 25, 2010. In case you haven’t read the first part, please click here. HC and I ended our little shopping spree from Grande Epicerie de Paris about at an hour early to head over to Chez L’Ami Jean, headed by Stéphane Jego. Chez L’Ami Jean When we arrived, it seems a bit too desolate that I almost thought we’re in the wrong restaurant. Admittedly, our dinner reservation is considered early for Parisians, as it was about 7:45 PM by the time we arrived but we went in and..

Pain and Pleasure

When my best friend HC and I were waiting at Newark for our flight out to Paris, we had the sudden interruption before flight that all the passengers in our flight are delayed there for the an additional three hours (on top of the 7.5 hour flight). Supposedly, there was a concern about the superficial dents on a portion of the plane’s belly that they had to get it repaired, tested, fill out paperwork and have approval from the control towers to get the green light to fly out of here. All of this crap takes three hours? Frankly, I..

Paris, France – Reflections

As almost every person’s dream is to visit to Paris, France and I’ve finally went there last week. It’s almost everything I dreamed of: amazing food, friendly Parisians (99% of the time), and the beautiful, Old World charm from its buildings. I planned this vacation seriously about three months ago, asking a few people I know personally, scoured through guide books, and made new connections along the way as I asked people around in the Internet (Thank you, France Chowhound who was the biggest help on food suggestions.) Over time, my final restaurant itinerary is based on a mix of..

What I’ve Been Up To (and a fruit tart recipe)

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated my blog. I know, I didn’t mean to keep all of you hanging but I’ve been busy. First of all, in case you haven’t looked (or you don’t subscribe to my Google Feed/Feedburner over a month ago), I’ve made an announcement over a month ago that: 1) I got accepted and going to graduate school! (I’m studying Masters of Public Health) and 2) I’m going to Paris, France for vacation toward the end of May! I’ve been AWOL, at least with my blog (I’m sort of active on my..