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Dinner at Arami, Chicago

Arami’s windows and at the bar During my vacation/stay in Chicago, Arami was one of my dinner stops here. After some research, this was considered one of the good Japanese spots to have sushi. As a sushi fanatic, I’m excited to eat here and booked a reservation. What surprised me was that even though the restaurant is located almost in the middle of nowhere (I’m used to the packed areas of Manhattan), the sole signage was within the restaurant’s glass windows, indicating its name and address and yet when I entered the dining room, it was pretty busy for 6..

Estiatorio Milos in Las Vegas: Bargain of a Lunch

The Cosmopolitan’s crystal draped lobby; Milo’s menu cover I read around the food forums, namely Chowhound Las Vegas raved about Estiatorio Milos‘s (commonly known as Milos) Business Lunch prix fixe deal. I know there is a Milos in my neck of the woods of New York City but the Vegas location is inexpensive if you compared to both. Beyond that, it’s quite a steal for eating in an upscale restaurant on the main Strip for $25 and change (including Vegas sales tax and 20% tip). My little tiff would be the uneven service, which I’ll explain later. (more…)

Aburiya Raku – I Would Love to Eat Here Frequently…

Aburiya Raku, or simply known as Raku, found in the heart of Las Vegas’ Chinatown, is a Japanese pub that generally specializes on the robata, grilled meats and vegetables, but it’s so much more than that (I’ll explain later). While doing research for my trip about three weeks prior to my flight to Vegas, I’ve asked my Twitter followers about to eat there and searching through food forums, many have praised and mentioned Raku as one of the few places I must eat. After reading that unanimous “vote”, I picked up my phone and made reservations. From where I stayed..

Las Vegas & Dinner at Sage at Aria

In case you haven’t seen my incessant tweets ever since the Easter weekend started until Thursday morning or my earlier post that noted my impending vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada. When you enter inside Wynn… It’s been nearly a decade when I last went to Vegas. Back then, I was under aged to appreciate or cared about much; Vegas was about half the size and not as glamorous and adult Disney-like. I have stayed at the Wynn as it’s relatively close to the central hub of the Strip (the nickname for the centralized part of Las Vegas Boulevard) and it..