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Alkimia, Barcelona, Spain (1* Michelin)

At Alkimia’s foyer: Sign; Modern lamp; Looking at the dining area One of our upscale lunches was at Alkimia. Alkimia is walking distance from Gaudi’s awe inspiring masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, which we have visited prior to having lunch here. Alkimia is a modern and sleek restaurant that almost like a fancy art gallery staging for the beautiful food that will be presented. This is a 1* Michelin restaurant led by Chef Jordi Vilà whose modern Catalan cooking that looks minimalist but it tastes so much more than meets the eyes. Spiced crisp topped with macadamia nuts; glass of Vinedo..

Christmas Day Dinner at Tori Shin, 1* Michelin Yakatori Restaurant

Exterior; Skewers of meat, looking over the bar; Condiments on the counter bar; Yakatori chefs prepping and cooking behind the counter During Christmas Day, my family and I wanted to do something a bit unusual – dine out. Craving Japanese fare, I figured we should go to Tori Shin, the only yakatori that is Michelin-starred (it earned a 1* since 2012) located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This small, minimalist restaurant is centered around a large U-shaped, blonde wooden counter table that essentially has charcoal grills working on two sides, the center has the yakatori cold case and..