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Lunch at Marrakesh and Brunch at August

I haven’t seen Kim for the longest time and really hang out with her. Why? Because of the chaotic meet up that I had back in July for the South Street Seaport concert didn’t suffice as hanging out since we greeted each other, talked for ten minutes and broke up into our own little groups when the concert started and the crush of the crowds left us to our own. That was cruel and I lost my voice that night… Anyways, I made arrangements to eat lunch with Kim the past Thursday for two reasons, the aforementioned and because I..

Lunch at Tia Pol

As promised from my previous post was my lunch at Tia Pol with Ariel. I originally picked out this place for two reasons: I haven’t eaten tapas for lunch before since there are not that many restaurants serve it for lunch. The other reason is because of Yumondo; I need something trendy and ethnic kind of place to write about before I officially sign off from my temporary position there. Since tapas is meant to be shared and I don’t know anyone who would leave work for a good hour or so for the sake of food (and not get..

Eating Lunch Like Royalty at Jean Georges

When I ate this particular lunch at Jean Georges on Tuesday, I realized my blog’s birthday is a year and two days old (if you include the time when I was at Blogger and I moved to my current address here)…it’s just beginning to crawl to its infant stage and hopefully progresses to grow to a slightly normal child. I said “slightly normal” because it’s a food obsessed child. Well, I guess it’s my unintentional splurge birthday present to my blog. Even though, I’m actually the one who is physically eating the food. But still “Happy Birthday!” to my blog...

A Week of Food, Part 2: Burger Heaven, Kyotofu, and Meeting Serious Eats

On Wednesday, I was craving for a burger for lunch. I don’t know why exactly but I just want some juicy ground beef sandwiched in a good, soft hamburger bun. Since it’s almost 12, I know it’s going to be crowded to try Burger Joint since it’s not a huge space to start with. (I know this since I visited the space but didn’t try anything.) What I ended up deciding is to try Burger Heaven. You might be wondering why the heck would I try a small chain burger at all. Well, two of my male friends, Ariel and..