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Lunches at Little Owl

This particular post is merging two different outings on one place and that’s the Little Owl. I decided to write about this place all in one shot since it develops a fuller picture on their lunches (and I do admit that I’m missing out on the dinner portion but I have yet to find a person or friend to eat there with me). On a side note, if you would like (and I know you want to after seeing the food porn two posts ago) to read my burgers and shakes article from Gotham Digest, I suggest you to click..

Lunch at Ippudo & Pinisi

I’m slowly getting back into the groove of writing my belated posts to you since I’m currently “researching” my article. In other words, eating stuff, taking photos, etc. So, here’s food outing that occurred two weeks ago. Helen and I were chatting online during the morning at work, scheming what we want to eat for lunch. A while back I mentioned about a ramen place that opened in the East Village and I wanted to check it out. Since Helen loves noodles, she jumped at the chance and agreed to eat with me at Ippudo! Ippudo! (more…)

Lunch at BBQ Chicken

This is one of the rare posts that is SHORT. Yes, I know I usually write Bible-length posts but for once I’m keeping it short because my mind’s getting a bit burnt from writing the articles for Gotham Digest. I’m not complaining. I’m just tired. Also the time lapse from eating here was three weeks so my memory’s dissipating about the food. I just hope you’ll tolerate with this very short post. Whenever I’m at work, I usually chat online with K and Robyn talking about various things about our lives and most of the time about food. Since K..

My Food Crush on Mia Dona

The past week, I took one of those luxurious lunch hours and went to Mia Dona. Why would I pick this place? Well, given to the fact that there’s been quite a bit of press from Alan Richman’s GQ blog, Ed Levine written a little post about it, and NY Magazine has a video about the food – all seem very positive and enticing that I thought to myself to go there and try it out. Interior; front and back (more…)

A Ladies' Lunch at Devi (Winter Restaurant Week 2008) & Espresso

I kicked off Restaurant Week (back on Tuesday, January 22nd) with lunch with my three girl friends: Giulia, Seungmi, and Helen, at Devi. Yep, we’re exploring into realm of haute Indian cuisine since what we’ve encounter in our pasts were heavy, greasy, fire breathing-spicy Indian food. We had high hopes for this place since I’ve heard a lot about it on Chowhound. And yes, I do acknowledge the fact that they do serve a prix fixe lunch on a normal basis but we craved Indian food. Interior (more…)

Cheecake at Birdbath & Lunch at Fiamma

Notes: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m approximately a week behind what I should be blogging about. Somehow after finishing school, I’m becoming a lazy bum, just procrastinating the inevitable task of writing a post. Anyways, this is a post that’s taken place last Tuesday. If you want to jump to the review of my lunch at Fiamma, click here. Somehow, I went backwards that I started my afternoon with dessert. A decadent, dense one in fact: a chocolate cheesecake at Birdbath. Birdbath’s pastries and COOKIES! (more…)

A Slightly Disappointing Lunch at Le Bernardin

The last time I’ve been to Le Bernardin was about three years ago and had their prix fixe menu. Arguably to say this, I’m not really a stranger to this place but years have passed, foodies still praise this restaurant and my inquiring mind wonders if this place is still good as it used to be. I went there the day before Thanksgiving with Ariel since he’s willing to take the plunge with me on this expensive lunch. If you do look at their menu, $64 for three courses ain’t cheap. Include tax and tip, it’s at least $80. Yeah,..

A Pleasantly Rustic Lunch at Craft

After reading about Craft for years, I’ve always thought about eating here but hating the fact that they don’t serve lunch, except at its sister branch Craftbar. That’s until I read from the NY Times’ blog, The Diner’s Journal that Craft started to serve lunch again. Interior photos (more…)

The Day When I Felt Like I’m Going to Have a Stomach Explosion

Ever since the party, K have been urging me that I MUST go to Pinisi. She mentions it frequently on her blog and as much as I love that girl, I had the odd feeling that she went through hypnosis to actually to be that enamored with a bakery. I mean, I love bakeries but I don’t really have a favorite. The main reason why I go to Bouchon Bakery (and write a TON about it) is because it’s tasty; the food’s pretty; and it’s the biggest reason of all: it’s the closest thing to my campus besides Whole Foods...