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Luxurious Dinner at Nougatine by Jean Georges at Three on The Bund (Shanghai, China)

Dining room at Nougatine & Menus Another great upscale dinner we had at Shanghai was at Jean Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant, Nougatine at Three on the Bund. I ate at Jean Georges Restaurant and Nougatine in New York City but I was curious how it fared out on the other side of the globe. Three on the Bund is Shanghai’s newest epicurean lifestyle destination blending gastronomy, art, culture, and music in an elegant, sophisticated gathering place for dynamic people and stimulating ideas. It created and manages six award-winning restaurants and bars, The Cupola, and Shanghai Gallery of Art. It is also..

Lunch at Jean Georges

Taken place on September 25, 2009. I do admit I’m being terribly lazy but explaining every minute detail of my experience at Jean Georges might be a bit boring to you readers (since I wrote about them thrice already, not counting this post). I’ll let my photos to do the talking. Most of the food was very good. The memorable dishes were crab and squash blossom beignet; not the beignet itself, I found the filling poorly made (use of finely shredded crab meat and waay too much mayo) but the salad component of the dish. I never loved cherry tomatoes..

Re-visit to Jean Georges

This was taken place before the New Year’s, December 29th. Yeah, I’m behind. Interior It’s been a year hiatus since I’ve been to Jean Georges and I thought it’s about time to eat there again before New Year’s dawns upon us. Menu (more…)

Nougatine at JG and Revisiting Bouchon Bakery

About three weeks ago I had lunch with Ariel at Nougatine in Jean Georges before he ships himself trans-Atlantic for his month-long vacation. I would prefer Jean Georges proper, but they don’t serve lunch on the weekends. Go figure. So GREEN… (more…)

Lunch with Two Exec Chefs at Jean Georges

The most unimaginable thing happened to me for on Thursday: eating lunch with two executive chefs at Jean Georges. Just to give you the gist on how this event to ever occur, Marc Collins of Circa 1886 in Charleston, SC, emailed me for a bunch of recommendations to eat out around Manhattan since he’s cooking at the James Beard Foundation for the Tastes of Charleston event. We emailed each other for a good number of times and in the end, he asked me to join him for lunch at JG with his best friend, Kyle Ketchum of the Spiced Pear..

Eating Lunch Like Royalty at Jean Georges

When I ate this particular lunch at Jean Georges on Tuesday, I realized my blog’s birthday is a year and two days old (if you include the time when I was at Blogger and I moved to my current address here)…it’s just beginning to crawl to its infant stage and hopefully progresses to grow to a slightly normal child. I said “slightly normal” because it’s a food obsessed child. Well, I guess it’s my unintentional splurge birthday present to my blog. Even though, I’m actually the one who is physically eating the food. But still “Happy Birthday!” to my blog...