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Hario Glass – Coffee Made Many Ways But Still Get a Great Cup

Probably you might have known over the years, that I love coffee, up to the point that I am a coffee geek. I love and appreciate my cup of coffee. I even admit I’m one of those crazy people who is willing to do more than insert a coffee pod and press a button at 7 AM before I get ready to head out for work. Without that cup of complex flavored, caffeinated deliciousness, I would be in a petulant mood and bite a few heads off during work – and obviously, that is not a good thing. Hario coffee..

Hario Coffee Equipment

In case you haven’t know for many years, I’m a coffee obsessed person. Pretty similar to oenophiles, the pizza snobs, like the writers and readers of Slice, or any other particular food and beverage item that nears obsession to some hearts. Being a devoted consumer of several coffee establishments in New York City like Blue Bottle Coffee, Joe: The Art of Coffee, and Stumptown, the pour-over technique is, or has, become in vogue as of the past year. I’ve bought many cups of coffee brewed this way, including Chemex, and it tastes amazing. The subtle nuances of the beans (fruitiness..