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Charcuterie Tasting at Épicerie Boulud

Charcuterie platter About two months ago, I was at Épicerie Boulud for tea and pastries. Earlier the past week I wanted to try Gilles Vérot‘s famous charcuterie. Vérot is an internationally acclaimed master charcutier, based in Paris, France. Boulud and Verot have been working together since Bar Boulud in 2008. (more…) Advertisements

Afternoon Tea at Épicerie Boulud

Épicerie Boulud (exterior) and Interior: at the bar Épicerie Boulud is one of the latest ventures of super chef Daniel Boulud, found right across the street from Lincoln Center. This world-class, French deli and market is filled with ingredients, pastries, and some light fare (e.g. various salads and charcuterie) that has the same high standards that you would expect from any Boulud-owned venue. Glass cases filled with beautiful cakes and pastries I was visiting here for an afternoon tea with a friend. We perused the gleaming pastry cases, pretty much almost wanted to order one of everything! But knowing we..