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Pre-Dinner at Momofuku Milk Bar & Ssäm Bar, Dinner at Baoguette Cafe, and Dessert Truck

It’s been a loong time since I’ve seen any of my friends because of my mom’s hospitalization a few weeks earlier and prepping for my upcoming vacation. Julie commented on my blog recently wanted to see me before I’m leaving NYC, I made time last Friday to have dinner with her at 6:30. Almost by default, I’ve brought Helen along because she’s out from work early and can accompany for pre-dinner. (What I mean by “pre-dinner” is consuming food right before dinner just to kill time.) It was a warm (finally) evening, Helen and I wanted ice cream. We thought..

Terroir Wine Bar and Desserts at the Dessert Truck

Terroir Several weeks ago, I had a light dinner with a bunch of girl friends, Giulia, Helen, and Sarah at Terroir. We figured going out to a funky, affordable wine bar that won’t break the bank since a few of us are still in school and we don’t want to go broke for one night of fun. (more…)