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Amazing Day Trip to the Hudson Valley with Buick (Part 2) – Dinner at Fish & Game

  Entrance to Fish & Game; Interiors on the lounge/ground floor Despite the fact we’re buzzed thanks to the wonderful whiskeys and bourbon from Hillrock Estate Distillery and the cheeses served with them, we headed back to our respective Buick and driver to dinner about 30 minutes away to Fish & Game. Fish & Game is owned by chef Zakary Pelaccio. He used to be in New York City proper for over a decade and had a mini Asian-influenced empire of restaurants, Fatty Crab and Fatty Cue that were very good (especially the watermelon and pork belly salad) but he..

Amazing Day Trip to the Hudson Valley with Buick (Part 1) – Montgomery Place Orchards & Hillrock Estate Distillery

Yesterday was arguably the most fantastic day trip I have been in a long time. The perfect summer day when it’s not so humid and hot, mixed with a gentle breeze, and puffy, friendly white clouds in the blue sky. Heading up to the historic and very charming Hudson Valley that’s about 2 hours from Manhattan in a shiny black Buick LaCrosse with our driver of the day, Eddie. Many thanks to the generous people of Buick/Drive the District and our hosts of the day, Montgomery Place Orchards, Hillrock Distillery, and dinner at Fish & Game. The dinner will be..

Buick Discovery Tour 2013 in Morristown, New Jersey

Lobby of The Westin Governor Morris & Buick cars This weekend I was invited to attend Buick Discovery Tour 2013 at The Westin Governor Morris in Morristown, New Jersey. It was a collaboration between Food & Wine and Buick with its goals of making memories and lasting impressions with food, wine, and of course, test driving a few Buick cars. I was wondering after being invited was: I’m generally not their typical target consumer and I never drove/own any Buicks or any American car, actually, so I thought, it’s unusual but I attended this event with an open mind. (more…)