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Champagnes For All Occassions

Champagne have many different styles and flavors. It’s like a pair of jeans. It sounds like a basic thing but there are details that you would look into – the fit, the leg style, the color, the material composition, etc. that would tailor to your particular liking – and Champagne, like any other food or beverage, would create products that would hope to appeal to you. So, here are a few of my recent favorite Champagnes that tickles my fancy and would be great gifts for either yourself, a loved one (like your Dad since Father’s Day is next Sunday,..

Gifts for the Wine and Cocktail Lovers

For the person in your life who loves a good bottle of wine or cocktails, here is my list of wines and libations that he or she would like to add in their collection or for consumption. (Like my Holiday Food Gifts editorial, this list would expand as we near the holidays.) To see the list of brands, tasting notes, and where to get these alcoholic beverages, please read on after the jump. [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] (more…)