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Eleven Madison Park – Same Place, Similar Time but Still Fresh and New

Eleven Madison Park: Exterior, Roses, Interior It’s almost a year since I’ve been to Eleven Madison Park. How quickly time flies. Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook It’s interesting how a year can change someone or something a lot. Even for this restaurant. In case you haven’t heard or read, Chef Daniel Humm and General Manager Will Guidara are now co-owners of Eleven Madison Park. It was formerly owned by Danny Meyer. This restaurant recently earned its three stars from Michelin. Their highly anticipated cookbook is coming out in about two weeks (on 11/11/11). I was fortunate enough to receive a..

Belated, Epic Birthday Lunch at Eleven Madison Park (After Its Renovations)

Taken place on November 11, 2010. A good friend of mine took me out to Eleven Madison Park for my birthday. It’s been two years since I’ve last went to Danny Meyer’s crown jewel of his restaurant empire. Back then, I enjoyed every moment there from the second I stepped through their revolving doors to the moment I bid farewell to the staff as I left. Every morsel of food that passed my lips were savored and admired for its perfection. There was a lot of commotion around the NYC dining scene about the renovations that took place around the..

My (Early) Birthday Lunch at Eleven Madison Park

They personalized it Back last Wednesday (my actual birthday was yesterday, Sunday), I splurged my own lunch early for my birthday at Eleven Madison Park. I remembered liking this place a lot when I visited here over a year ago (for their tasting menu, not counting Restaurant Week) and I’m still hearing raves about the food. (more…)