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Christmas Dinner 2013

Christmas dinner this year with my family, we chose to make it Japanese inspired. If you think about it, a bit leaner since I’ve went to Boston the past weekend and I’m still on digestion mode and almost all the food I ate was on the rich and hearty side. Since I’ve still had the awesome Cadillac around, I’ve made a quick drive over to Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ to shop for sashimi grade fish for decent prices and…ate more things at their huge section of casual Japanese food to eat in (as seen on my Instagram like the matcha..

Dim Sum at Home

The spread… It’s been a hectic week to say the least. The superstorm Hurricane Sandy pummeled through New York City and the tri-state area pretty bad. To save you the details, all I have to say is that my family and I feel fortunate we’re all OK. To celebrate this feel of gratefulness, if you will, we ended up cooking at home this morning and cooked up some dim sum dishes. Beyond my dad’s signature Chinese BBQ pork, we had… (more…)

Sweeter Mornings with Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolates

Work at the hospital has gotten crazy as of recent: Conference calls every other day. Running to meetings. The dreaded budget meetings (Ugh!) A particular few work colleagues who never seem to remember the answer to the same question they ask every week. (Really?) Clocks at work are not displaying correct times because its satellite (our atomic clocks are synched that way) is off and everyone is starting/arriving at meetings later. (Insert face palm) Thankfully, chocolate is my salvation from those hectic days. (And I like my job.) Ghiradelli Intense Dark Chocolate Bars As part of the DailyBuzz Food Tastemaker..

Super Bowl 2012 Party At Home

The starter spread, Cheese platter with Emmi Roth Cheeses & Vegetable crudité Yesterday was a great Super Bowl game as the New York Giants won! Woot! Beyond the sports fanfare, the Super Bowl is a food holiday, if you’re willing to admit it or not. Since I invited a group of 8 friends watching the game and cheering on, I might as well cook a whole bunch of food and thankfully, a few came in early to chip in some help. Pat LaFrieda Original Blend and Shortrib Blend burgers & Platter of Beef Brisket and Lamb Burgers We ended up..

New Year’s Day 2012 Brunch

New Year dumplings topped with Beluga Kaluga caviar & Homemade turnip cake “lo bak gao” Happy New Year! Admittedly two days late from posting but better than never. I celebrated the new year with family and as usual, cooking and baking up a storm. The traditional Chinese dishes my family always had, ever since I was a wee child, were homemade dumplings and turnip cake (lo bak gao; 蘿蔔糕). Though dumplings are traditional in concept, I changed the recipe making it a bit more upscale by adding Caviar Star‘s Beluga Kaluga caviar and shape it to a coin purse and..

Revol – Amazing and Beautiful French Porcelain

Grands Classiques Collection: Lion head soup bowl with large dried scallops We know how limited storage space we have in the kitchen, especially living in New York City, so finding plates, pots, and pans that is practical, beautiful, and ideally, multipurpose. I discovered Revol France porcelain dinner and cookware for my home. Revol’s porcelain ware are all dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe making it versatile for everyday use and it looks amazing at the table. (more…)

Outdoor Dining for My Brother's Birthday Dinner

The birthday cake The past weekend, I celebrated my brother’s birthday with our family by cooking and baking a storm for him. The one of the highlights of this meal was the birthday cake you see above, a dark chocolate yuzu Valrhona Caramelia mousse cake. Sounds awesome, right? A thin dark chocolate cake base (chocolate biscuit; not the buttery, flaky Southern biscuits you’re thinking of), lightened and sweetened by the Caramelia chocolate chantilly, contrasted with the bracingly tart yuzu cream. If you have some basic baking techniques down and have some time, you can make this cake. I’ll give you..

Afternoon Tea Party on the 4th of July

Setting; The spread with sweets from Chocolate Gourmet and a birthday brownie from Simply Divine Brownies; tea line-up Over the July 4th weekend, I threw an intimate afternoon tea party for a few friends. Even though it’s kind of British to do this type of affair, I kept it in the American perspective by keeping the tea menu grounded to mostly fine American tea companies (Paromi, Republic of Tea, and Kusmi (royal Russian heritage in St. Petersburg but from Paris, France). The food menu is quite lengthy that my guests can arrive to my home starving. The savory options are..

Two Meals Cooked at Home on Father’s Day

This past Sunday was Father’s Day. Since my schedule was open that weekend from events and whatnot, I thought of preparing, cooking, grilling, and/or baking that entire time off just because, it is Father’s Day and I do love my dad. Anyway, since that weekend was gorgeous I thought of eating outside in my backyard. See the photo above. Brunch (more…)