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Dinner at Cafecito

Interior and the bar Cafecito is located out in the Alphabet City section of East Village. It’s a homey yet festive restaurant that focuses on very good Cuban food. Drinks We started with a strong yet fruity mango margarita ($7) and a Materva ($4), a non-alcoholic yerba mate soda. The soda is sweet, herbaceous and grassy. (more…)

Matilda Restaurant

Some of the interior I have grown a fondness and respect Mexican cuisine ever since I went to Cabo last summer. I do admit, I don’t normally make my way out to Alphabet City of East Village but a friend suggested heading out to Matilda. Matilda is a small, family owned restaurant that claims to be a Mexican-Tuscan restaurant. The menu reads mostly Mexican cuisine with very subtle nuances of Italian but nevertheless, a guest and I went head-on to eat some of their dishes. Appetizers & salad: Chicken taquitos (the day’s special), Quesadilla with mozarella, shrimp, corn and epazote..