Budding Flower Tea & Meringue Frosted Chocolate Cake

Whenever we hope for something so much and once we get it, we don’t care for it anymore. I guess that’s what makes us human; we are frivolous souls who always in need with something else to distract us at the moment. I know I sound livid right now. No, I’m not angry at anyone or anything; I’m just bored to tears that my “vacation” is supposed to be enjoyable and carefree but I feel like time is slipping away by doing relatively nothing. I’m spending my precious vacation days with studying for LSATs (dreading on June), running on the..

Tea Time at Home

It’s the first weekend of the new year and it is unusual for this time of the year to be near 70 degrees! All of the 21 years of my life living in New York and I have never seen such weather in the beginning of January where we can practically go out with your spring clothes. I just hope the ice age is not coming…yeah, it’s the anxious/pessimistic side of me speaking here. Sorry. Anyways, I had lunch and I wanted tea but I wanted a twist with it so, I just made an all butter shortbread (how can..

A Japanese Lunch & Desserts

Yesterday I had the intention of going to eat lunch at Cafe Sabarsky. However, the wait was killing me – almost 40 minutes and I was starving! So, I just gave up my spot on line and just took a bus down 5th Avenue. I ended up going to Takashimaya’s Tea Box Cafe. I wanted to eat here for a while and since I this is my chance now, I went in. Those of you who have never went in here before, it’s basically an upscale Japanese department store that tastefully blend Japanese and French style. (I must say that..

Lunch at My House

Today, I have no classes (obviously because it’s Columbus Day), stayed home and studying for upcoming midterms. Anyways, over the weekend my parents decided to buy a frozen turkey and roast that darn thing on Sunday. It’s not hard at all; just defrost the turkey the day before, marinate the bird overnight with a spice rub (did it the Chinese way by using Five Spice Powder, etc.). Roast it in 350 degree oven for 1 hr. 45 mins. and you got a great turkey. Since this is like a prelude to Thanksgiving for my family, as in the leftovers I..