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Green Tea Workshop at Ippodo (NYC)

Ippodo (not to be confused with Ippudo, the popular Japanese ramen shop) is one of the few Japanese tea shops in Manhattan that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Japan. The minimalist, warm wood interiors and the Japanese staff members greet you in Japanese and see them boiling kettles of water to prepare for our green tea workshop. (more…)

Bosie Tea Parlor – A Serene Oasis From Bleecker

Bosie’s sign & Interior Bosie Tea Parlor is what I would consider a tea parlor/patisserie calm oasis from the busy, somewhat touristy area of Bleecker Street. This tea house is definitely a place for people like myself who appreciates excellent quality teas. (Surely, I think most of you readers know about my perpetual love of expertly made and sourced coffee, but I am raised from a traditional Chinese family and inherently taken upon the tea culture as a child.) What makes this tea parlor extra special is their talented pastry chef, Damien Herrgott to make their food sublime. His pastries..